When I got an email from Madewell with their new arrivals a couple of weeks back, this dress immediately stood out to me. It’s a very similar cut to a dress I purchased this spring, and that one has become a staple for me during the third trimester of my pregnancy. (While my feet are incredibly swollen already from the heat, it is so nice to just have to throw a dress on over the bump and call it an outfit.)



I knew when buying the dress that it would be an aggressive pick…. even without a bump, it definitely stands out. But I also kind of love it??? It’s probably not everyone’s cup of tea, but it is mine and I guess that’s all I really care about at the end of the day.

Madewell GINGHAM & RIC-RAC dress

The ric-rac detailing is what sold me on the dress. Such a fun touch.

Madewell summer dress

I wore this last week on Nantucket. I met up with Mackenzie in the morning to walk around ‘Sconset and snap some pictures. (She took all of these!)

summer rattan hand bag

I mentioned my swollen feet…. It’s comfortable shoes only between now and whenever the baby comes. And I finally had to retire my Superga sneakers when they were falling apart from so much wear… they lasted me years though (and I wore them quite literally into the ground) so replacing them was a no brainer.

Madewell bump-friendly summer dress

I had some questions about the sizing of the dress. I think it fits true to size but if you have a larger chest, go up one size. There are no zippers so it has to be able to go over your head and over your chest. There’s plenty of room in the body of the dress for a bump since it’s so swingy, but getting it over your chest is the trickiest part.

Dress // Sneakers // Bag


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Rebecca H

I LOVE the dress! The only thing I would change is to have the horizontal blue a little darker, since the contrast is so extreme in the gingham currently, to where it almost looks like it is just vertical stripes. (Or lighten the vertical blue, either way.)
But give me allllll the blue and white gingham, because I am HERE FOR IT!