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This shirt is awesome. Like, awesome awesome. It’s endorsed by Oprah. Honestly, I think we can just stop there!!
So, The Shirt by Rochelle Behrens is a patented shirt that doesn’t gape in the chest area. As someone who personally has a larger chest for my frame, I deal with the gaping in between buttons all the time. Normally, I resort to double-sided fashion tape. However, it’s not 100% reliable, and sometimes I’m in too much of a rush to remember in the morning. The Shirt has a dual action button, so you get extra coverage without anyone knowing.
The brand has grown tremendously. It started with just one shirt and one employee. You know by now that I just love love love entrepreneurship. Rochelle and I were actually on a panel together at a Women in Business conference last spring. It was really interesting to hear the story behind the brand. She personally dealt with the gaping shirt and it was distracting in the workplace. The patented dual button was the solution!!
The shirts have since expanded to include regular “fun” shirts in addition to the business button down.
How cute is this shirt styled the three ways: work, weekend, and night out!
I pulled some of my favorite shirts from the lookbook. Check here for all the colors, prints, & styles!
Look how nicely that lays!

As I mentioned earlier this week, button ups are part of my everyday “uniform.”
You can enter to win The Skinny Shirt in Banker Stripe. It’s quite perfect for work if you’re a working girl. Or for class presentations if you’re in school. Or layered with sweaters if you’re like me!
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Good luck!

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