little things i’m loving

I’m taking a break from the crazy city and hanging out with some friends in Rhode Island. I stayed up extra late every day this work so I could take a break this weekend in terms of “work.” All I can say is…. SO WORTH IT!!
Hanukkah begins tonight and I’ve already broken into a few gifts. Whoops! And clearly this isn’t stopping me from some online shopping. I’m still looking for gifts for some family members and a handful of friends. I think I’m just going to be ordering everything online. (Are you an online or offline shopper?)
This guy is so cute!! This is perfect for days when you need a few cards, some cash, and (always) a stack of bandaids. I definitely have a few city friends that may or may not be getting one….

All of my designer friends will love this. Pantone colors. iPhone case. Match made in heaven. (I am partial towards Orange 021.

Yes. Look at those ears! And the bow tie…. I die. Surprise, this is so for you.

THIS IS SO PERFECT. I really liked the ring and bow Kate Spade USBs, but this one takes the cake.

Oh, and this….. I like it for some reason. But I’m on a sweater spending freeze!!
Have you finished your holiday shopping?

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I love the Pantone phone covers! I couldn't wait to get an iPhone so I could buy one of the covers, and I still haven't even ordered one yet. I should get right on that! Maybe for Christmas. =)