It’s so funny how the guest room and nursery situation worked out. And by “so funny,” I really mean, I changed my mind a hundred times and luckily (maybe even miraculously) it turned out better than I originally planned.


When we bought our house, I always thought I’d convert the smallest room from my office to the nursery and keep the guest room, a guest room. But once we actually had a baby on the way, I trusted my gut to turn the guest room into the nursery and make the smaller room the guest room (hoping I could squeeze in a desk for an office space). My thought process is that the bigger room had the most space– plenty of room for a changing table/dresser + glider + crib + floor space for playing– and the best closet. Not to mention, there was still plenty of room for the daybed with trundle.

My biggest fear was that the tiny new guest room would feel super cramped. It has a weird sized closet (very narrow and very deep) and there are some configuration restraints that limit the size of bed you can put in there (windows, doors, and a furnace). We would have to downsize to a full, but technically speaking we didn’t lose a single mattress in the house. (We can always have a guest or two stay in the nursery on the daybed and pop the baby in a pack and play in our bedroom.)

Here’s where the luck came in again, I thought the only way the room could be configured was with the bed under one of the windows– not my favorite design-wise…. but when I took the mattress out of the box? It fit even better against the wall. And I had room for the nightstands from the previous guest room. And there’s still plenty of room for my desk, so it can be a guest room office. I can put up a television, which I selfishly want. AND… the room somehow feels bigger with this layout.

I wanted to share what the plan is for the room here!

I’ve just been having so much fun coming up with guest bedroom ideas. (I feel like this is the nesting in me.) It’s a mix of things we’ve had and a few new things to bring the space together. You can see there’s a lot of coastal interior design influence.

GUEST BEDROOM IDEAS coastal interior design

Flush Mount (only $150!) // Bed Frame

Rug (under $150!) // Shams // Sheets

Desk // Pair of Lamps // Similar Nightstands

Frame TV // Thin Console // Framed Art


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Totally agree with before and after pictures! Would love to see the transformation as well.

Patty Poorten

One of our favorite guest room accessories in a foldable luggage rack. (Like the ones in a hotel.) We keep it in the closet. Our guests love it. Perfect for a small space.


This is all so cute Carly! I thought the lighthouse was the art but I guess it’s the TV?! P.S do you still use (I know it’s been a while) the Mark and Graham white luggage? Trying to decide between that or an Away bag #revengetravel