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When I moved out of the city a few years ago, I never wanted to move back. My mom likes to bring it up weekly on whether or not I miss certain things and the answer has always been a big no, I don’t miss it. It was such a fun period of my life to live there and I totally think if you have the itch to live there that you absolutely should. After three years of living there though, I was more than ready to leave it all behind. I checked it off my bucket list and can always say that I did it– and loved it.

And then when I decided to move to Hoboken, living closer to the city was a neutral item for me. I was close enough in Connecticut where I could come in for an event or two if I needed to. I actually used the distance as an excuse for not coming in and I assumed that I’d stick with that trend when I moved.

I was totally wrong.

Oversized Blazer

I’m in the city at least three times a week now. While it’s fun to fantasize a little about moving back, I know I couldn’t actually put up with that kind of city living again. (Unless, of course, I had endless streams of money and could afford to live as comfortably as Eloise over there.)

But it’s been so fun to pop over for a coffee with friend, a work event, to shoot an outfit for the blog, a workout class I have wanted to try, etc. Metro-North is great and everything but, man, the PATH is amazing! I’ve had things to do all over the city and I’ll take whatever is fastest (ferry, PATH, bus) and I’m always blown away by the efficiency of it.

Carly the Prepster

Two things I’ve been noting a lot as I hop over the river:

1) I love that I can go over for one thing. Since Metro-North gets expensive and it was nearly an hour for me each way, I’d try to jam my days with as many meetings and events as I could possibly fit just to maximize my time. It was probably why I hated doing it and would try to avoid altogether. It’s nice to be able to just go over for a little bit, even if it’s just to get my nails done with a friend.

2) I also have been kind of obsessed with the West Village. I conceptually always liked the West Village, but it was such a nightmare to get to from the Upper East Side. I did spend some time there when I lived in the city, but not enough to really get to appreciate it. Now with the PATH that ends right in the center of the West Village, I find myself there quite a bit. Loveeeee it. Again, if I could buy one of those brownstones? I guess you could twist my arm into moving in. 😂

Hoboken NJ

All in all, I was pretty shocked to see how much I have been enjoying the city. It feels like a nicer and more manageable place from Hoboken. And I always feel good getting back on the PATH to come home and leave the skyscrapers behind me.

Great Tote for Work

I don’t have a segue for the outfit, but I figured since NYC served as a nice backdrop for the outfit photos that I’d talk a bit about how I surprised myself with how much I’ve been enjoying it again.

Ray Ban Clubmasters

I’ve had this blazer in my closet for a while now and love how oversized and casual it is, despite being ~a blazer~. I got it from my friends at Tuckernuck after seeing how differently they all styled it. It’s one of those great pieces to have in your closet to add just a little touch of something to a simple outfit.

Because it’s old, it has long since sold out, but I rounded up some similar blazers that you might like. This scalloped lapel is a top contender and this Forever 21 blazer is under $25 and you could easily swap in gold buttons for an inexpensive upgrade. I also think this one looks pretty similar to the one I’m wearing.

Cognac Tote

You guys know I love a good tote. I consider it my portable office and load them up with everything I might need while I’m out and about, especially if I’m going to be working in a coffee shop between meetings. This one is gorgeous. I absolutely love the rich color. The short straps would normally be a no go for me, but the cut out right below them is genius because you can still (easily and comfortably!) sling it over your shoulder.

(Hint, this would be a great graduation gift!)

Margaux Ballet Flats

Similar Blazer (loveeee this one too) // Striped Shirt // Jeans // Ballet Flats // Tote (c/o) // Sunglasses

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Ha I just looked up where Hoboken actually is compared to ‘the city’ (European reader over here) and had a little chuckle, in my books you’re still living a glamorous NYC life!


It’s so nice when life gives you unexpected surprises – like loving living in the city again. What you describe really sounds like the perfect balance to me – as much of NY as you want without the teeny tiny walk up for 2M. Hope you get to enjoy another adventure soon! xAllie


As a kid I remember dreaming of living somewhere like Connecticut or NJ where I’d be close enough to head into the city for the weekend whenever I pleased – I’m Canadian so idk where I got that from lol. Now as an adult I realize how much I love city life and dream about living in NYC if the opportunity was to magically present itself. For now I guess I’ll stick to discovering new places in Toronto


Love this casual look – you’re looking super fit too! I love Chelsea, but could NEVER live in the City – way too many people and not enough greenery! Two of my sister’s live there though, and a third works there, so they must love it!

Eva |


I’m from the Midwest but currently living in Hoboken! My friends from home don’t quite get how close it is to the city until they come visit. Love being able to pop over for an errand but coming back to the closer Hoboken community. It’s great!

Logan Christine

I’m so glad you’re loving Hoboken so much and finally enjoying the city again! I live in the suburbs of LA and find it so hard leaving my town due to traffic and etc, so I’m actually dying to move closer so I can finally take advantage of all LA has to offer.
Love the blazer and that bag is awesome!
Xoxo Logan


Couldn’t agree with you more!!! I never had more fun “living” in NYC than when my apartment was in Hoboken (14th & Hudson).



I love that you included a Forever21 find! I’ve needed a blazer a few times each semester, but always end up borrowing from a girlfriend since I couldn’t justify the price of a nice one to sit in my closet. That one would be perfect to have on hand for the few events I would use it for!


I live in Chicago and am kinda “meh” about it – I’m not really a city person and much prefer a slower, more relaxed pace.

However, I went to NYC in November and was blown away by how much I loved it. I was actually VERY sad to leave! I’m starting to look ahead at going again within the next year or so. Luckily, flying from ORD to LGA is very cheap so I might be back sooner rather than later 😉