Invisalign Update

I have been getting a LOT of questions about my Invisalign on Instagram and I figured it would be beneficial to do an update here.

Outfit in this post

I’ll do a before/after once I’m all the way done but sharing my improved smile so far!

How much longer do you have?

I am still going… I’m on my second batch of trays and I think I’ll end up doing another batch after my next appointment in September. When I started the orthodontist figured I would be done by the end of the year. I’m about five and half months into the treatment.

How much was it? Is it worth it?

I think around $6k. Getting my permanent retainer removed was 1,000% worth it. I wish I had done that a lot sooner slash never gotten it. (My new orthodontist said they rarely do it anymore because they usually end up causing more trouble than benefits over time.) As for the Invisalign… I think the price is pretty personal, but I’d say I found it to be worth it.

Why did you start?

I had regular braces throughout middle school and then did a round of Invisalign in high school after a growth spurt. Every night I wore retainers. Until college… I grind my teeth a lot while I sleep and I was constantly cracking my retainers. In college, I didn’t bother replacing them and I saw some movement of my teeth in my early twenties, but nothing crazy. Then last year, I could feel that my permanent retainer felt “off.” I wasn’t sure if it was broken or what, but made an appointment to have it removed at an orthodontist here in NJ. He confirmed it was compromised and had bent. So my teeth were shifting to follow the “new” path of the broken retainer and would continue to do so since the retainer moved easily once compromised. He convinced me Invisalign to get my teeth back in shape and I just went for it.

(Let me add here… I always hated that permanent retainer and eating is SO MUCH EASIER without it!)

Why did you do Invisalign vs Smile Direct Club?

Because I had stuff in my mouth (i.e. the permanent retainer), I couldn’t do Smile Direct Club. I considered doing it for my bottom teeth only about four years ago, but found out that they charge you the same price regardless of doing it for both top and bottom or just one. (Which I found ridiculous on principle.) Ultimately, I’m VERY glad I didn’t do it then because a lot of horror stories came out about SDC and these direct to consumer trays causing serious issues since you’re not really under the care of an ortho. I have zero affiliation with my orthodontist or Invisalign just as an FYI. As an informed consumer though, doing Invisalign THROUGH a reputable orthodontist is the only way to go in my opinion. I’d rather do it right the first time.

Did you get the attachments glued to your teeth?

No… honestly, I refused them. I watch this one Youtube channel where a girl had gone to get Invisalign and she had no idea about the attachments until it was done. I made it clear from the get-go that I wanted to at least try the trays at first without attachments and if I absolutely needed them later then okay. It was absolutely an aesthetic decision and Invisalign is more effective and faster with them, so keep that in mind.

Is it painful?

Okay so the first week was absolutely horrible. My mouth was in so much pain and I was having middle school flashbacks of getting new braces. I almost quit because I kept thinking if it was going to be this painful every new tray I didn’t think it was worth it. The second tray/week was about half as painful… and then every week since has been completely fine. I start new trays before I go to bed and I think that helps since I’m sleeping through the “new” feeling.

Any regrets?

I don’t have regrets getting Invisalign at all, but I did realize something halfway through that I wish I had known/caught earlier. My first round of trays (I think there were 13, so the first three months), the trays were kind of loose. It had been 15 years since I did it last so I had no idea what they were supposed to feel like. The biggest red flags for me was how easily my saliva was getting trapped in the trays and they were kind of “bouncy” when I bit down. I had SUPER dry lips and had a habit of biting down on the trays for the satisfying bounce back. Then I went in to get re-scanned for my next batch and it was a night and day difference. Immediately the fit felt better. Where before it felt like I always had something in my mouth, I could WAY more easily forget the trays were even in because they were so flush against my teeth.

Back in 2005 when I got Invisalign for the first time, you had impressions of your teeth taken with a mold and nasty tasting goop. Technology has changed a lot and now it’s a digital wand. I don’t think the first scan was as accurate as the second and it made a difference. I don’t think it affected the shifting of my teeth, but it did affect my experience. Had we not been in quarantine, I think the orthodontist would have been able to catch this sooner, but I couldn’t go in for months for checkups since everything was shut down. Not the end of the world, but just highlighting this in case one of you guys start and aren’t sure if they’re fitting correctly.

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I’ve been wanting you to do this post! I started Invisalign 6 weeks ago and am on my 4th set of trays (doing two week changes). My initial treatment is 16 trays and probably a round of refinements. Hoping to be done by January. I also got a ton of attachments which I was aware were necessary but I didn’t realize how visible they would be. I’m very self-conscious of it so I understand your decision to try Invisalign without them for the aesthetic reasons but for what it’s worth I’ve had so many people tell me they don’t notice it at all unless I point it out!

Evelyn GB

Are you wearing top and bottom trays? I just finished my first week of wearing both and just hate putting the rubber bands in to aling my bite.


Thank you so much! Have been considering it for awhile so really appreciate the posts/updates to help me decide!

A Girl, A Style

I just finished Invisalign myself (it took longer to do the finishing touches because of the pandemic). I’m so glad I did it properly vs one of those direct-to-consumer versions, but I had the attachments (which I also didn’t know about before I started) and they were absolutely the worst part!

Two things I will add in case it’s helpful to anyone: I refused to have the attachments on my top front 6 teeth (where they’d be the most visible), so they put them on the back instead. It made such a difference and then you couldn’t really see the attachments on my other teeth unless you looked really close. I was also getting really bad ulcers on my cheeks and tongue from some of the trays at the start (where they were a tiny bit sharp on the edges and my mouth wasn’t used to them) and my orthodontist told me to file the new trays down (with a nail file + buffer) just at the very edge along the gum line and it made such a difference!

Good luck with the rest of yours!

Briony xx


I had no clue Invisalign was so expensive! Is it bad I always assumed it was a cheaper alternative to braces? Worth the cost, though, to not have to wear actual braces (oh the awkward teen years when I had them…)


I’m currently on my refinement phase. I have been really happy with the experience so far. I always did the attachments and to be honest, I don’t notice them at all. I even have two on my front tooth now and can’t see them – I barely notice them even when flossing – they just blend right in with my teeth.

Jessica Fowler

I’m so glad to see your update on the process! I don’t have any plans to do Invisalign anytime soon (never say never), but I am SO happy to hear they don’t use the disgusting goop anymore to make your mold 😂. I am still traumatized from my middle school braces!! Best of luck with the rest of the process!


This is super helpful bc my daughter is getting Invisalign and now I have a better idea of what to expect. Thank you so much!


Good review! I have to say I have liked my Invisalign so far. I’m about half way through and will finish around Thanksgiving. I notice definite improvement. Interestingly, my dentist recommended I eat with mine on to enhance effectiveness. It means I probably wear them 23 hours a day. The challenge is that I pretty much shred them by the end of the second week, which makes them uncomfortable at that point as the edges are no longer smooth. I think it does make them work better, though. I also remember once when the edges were sharp and that hurt until I filed it!

I’m wondering how long the effect is supposed to last. Hopefully, forever! 🤓


You are definitely not supposed to eat with your Invisalign trays in. I would definitely get. A second opinion or do research on that.


Thank you for this update! My dentist just recommended I get Invisalign today due to some shifting. Also went through braces in middle school so interested/excited to experience the differences. Thanks again!


Wow, that is so amazing that they don’t need to do the goopy impressions anymore! I’m 19 and had braces in middle school (had them off for ~7 years now) and when they had to do the impression for my retainer (which is very similar to an invisalign tray) I thought I was going to pass out because I have such a bad gag reflex and couldn’t breathe properly 😂 Definitely something I never want to go through again. I will also be sure to keep an eye on the permanent retainer on my bottom teeth after hearing what happened with yours. When they put it in I asked how long I’d need to have it and the orthodontist’s assistant laughed and said “Oh honey, it’s kind of a forever thing!” I was SHOCKED!! Glad you’re having a good experience with it.

Lisa McGann

Have you heard of Munchies? I recommend them to my Invisalign patients. They help ensure your aligners are fully seated (especially important as you don’t have attachments) and can also help with discomfort. They’ve been shown to clinically improve outcomes. They’re not expensive and easy to use!:

Elle Brooks

I have had Invisalign since September and love everything about it – except the things glued to my actual teeth…they’re a nightmare I had no idea it was even possible to not get those attachments! I think i’m my case they’re necessary because I’m trying to fix a jaw/overbite issue but still very interesting! Thanks for sharing your experience!!

Ashley Pritchett

I did Invisalign to fix my TMJ that was caused by braces in elementary school. My unsolicited advice is to stop when your bite feels good! I ended up doing some minor adjustments to fix ONE TOOTH after they fixed my bite and the adjustments totally messed with my bite 🙁 I was so upset with myself for focusing on the looks and not just my bite. We were able to correct, but UGH it was awful. Good luck!

Ashley Pritchett

Hi Carly! I have TMJ, grind my teeth nightly, and did Invisalign to correct my TMJ. My dentist was able to make a combination final Invisalign retainer with a bite guard so I don’t grind/clench at night. I cracked my final Invisalign retainer because I was grinding and clenching so hard. It is such a lifesaver!