If you’re reading the title and thinking I’m talking about the hockey, think again! This is all about “The Stanley Cup” aka Stanley’s 40 ounce quencher. I’m answering the big question here: Is the Stanley cup worth it?

Stanley is probably most known for their thermoses and I’m not really sure how it happened, but their 40 ounce quencher went viral on social media. Suddenly it was everywhere. Well, everywhere in photos and influencer stories, but they are constantly out of stock. I’m not going to lie, I assumed it was all hype. But being me… I needed to know for myself. I’ve had mine for a few months now and, spoiler alert, I ended up buying a second.

Is the Stanley Cup worth it? This is a review of the Stanley Cup

So, is the Stanley Cup worth it?

For me, it is. There are some limitations for the cup that may make it not worth it for you though. I’ll go into detail below.

Let me start off by admitting something a little crazy. I bought my first Stanley cup on a resale site for over 100% markup. I don’t know what came over me, but I just had to know what the hype was about and I couldn’t wait for a restock. So I bought one on Poshmark for $104 with shipping. Is the Stanley cup worth $100? No. But if you can snag one for $40?! Yes.

When I first got it, I remember thinking, “I don’t get it. It’s… just a cup?” I already have a collection of Yeti tumblers that Mike and I both love. And then over the next week or so, I found myself growing very, very attached to it.

A cream Stanley 40 oz. Adventure Quencher Tumbler on a nightstand


– The size of the cup. 40 ounces is a lot of water and I 100% drink more throughout the day when I have my Stanley cup by my side. I don’t even think about it, I just drink more.

– The size of the straw. In addition to the actual cup holding a ton of water, the straw is brilliantly wide so you can drink a lot more water with every sip. It sounds weird, but it totally makes a difference.

– The handle. This is probably the biggest competitive edge against other similar tumblers on the market. The handle is quite handy. I think it’s what makes you grow attach to it. There’s something about the way you hold it… it becomes a bit of a security blanket. I imagine other brands are working on their own handles.

– It’s dishwasher safe. I wash the entire thing– every part. I will say, this isn’t something unique to Stanley, just sharing it because it is something I like about it.

– You can switch the side the straw is on. So depending on which side you want the straw/handle, you can just put the lid on differently. Does that make sense? Basically you can have the straw so it’s on the right or left handed way. Doesn’t seem like a big deal when I type this out, but when I first got the cup I realized I have a preferred way of holding it and the straw was on the “wrong” side and then I figured out how to get it on the right side. It makes a difference!

– It fits in car cup holders. BIG big win. The 40 ounce tumblers are huge and usually wouldn’t fit into a cup holder. The Stanley cup tapers and fits perfectly….

– And speaking of fitting perfectly. It fits into the handlebars of the Peloton. Definitely not by design, but the fact that it works?! Absolutely brilliant. This alone makes the Stanley Cup worth it, if you’re a big Peloton girly.

The Stanley Cup fits perfectly in the handlebars of a Peloton bike


Three big limitations. 1) It is not leak-proof. 2) It’s heavy. 3) And it’s not just heavy, it’s top-heavy, which can make it prone to spilling if you’re not careful. While these are ultimately negatives, they’re by design which is for positive reasons. It’s not the type of tumbler that you’re going to throw in your tote bag and go to work. (Well, you could bring it empty and fill it at the office or drive to work with it in the cup holder and walk it into the office, haha.)

For me the tradeoffs are worth it. The straw is a huge selling point and, of course, a straw like this won’t be leak-proof. Yes, it’s heavy, but it’s heavy because it holds 40 ounces of water! And yes, while it’s top-heavy, I can bring it with me in the car. So the Stanley cup is worth it to me!


If you’ve decided that the Stanley Cup is worth it to you, the next question might be, “Okay, so where can I get one?” They’re very popular so they sell out ridiculously fast. My best recommendation is to sign up for text and/or email alerts from Stanley for restocks. Williams Sonoma is taking pre-orders…. for January. And you can always do it like I did and pay a premium on the black market 🙈

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I love my cup as well and have never drank more water! If you’re worried about spills, there is a tiny silicone piece you can buy on Amazon that makes the straw hole fit more airtight. It’s saved me plenty of times when I knock mine over!


I snagged one a few weeks ago from Dick’s (I think it was you who put it in stories) and am OBSESSED! I drink a lot and my huge hydroflask not fitting in my cup holder was such an issue. Worth every penny of the $40 for me!


FYI they’re releasing a restock tomorrow on the Stanley site! Perfect timing for anyone who sees the post and wants to grab one 🙂


I’m OBSESSED with my Stanley! I have a 30 oz Yeti that’s also great, but the size of the Stanley and the straw make it the one I always reach for. It’s basically my pregnancy survival tool because I always need water and it has to be ice cold! My husband makes fun of me for buying bigger and bigger cups, but I’m hydrated, so it’s worth it. 😂


It’s like you read my mind. Exactly the post I needed to break down whether or not I should go ahead and buy!


Yes! I’ve been waiting for this review! I am so on the fence about wanting on of these (my Yeti tumbler gets the job done) but I LOVE the way these look 😍. I’m definitely on the hunt for one now!


No way! I would not pay $100!!! I’m still tempted to get one whenever someone posts about it but I just don’t need it! Lol

Sydni Jackson

I really appreciate this review as an overthinker of water bottles, haha! This sounds super useful if I have another baby and need to hydrate at home. Otherwise I am always taking my water bottle on the go so I have to have one I can throw in my bag. (I like the Owala one currently – and love that you can sip or chug!)


For anyone who is looking for them, Whole Foods carries them for about $40. They’ve been fully stocked at the WF in Maine where I life, just FYI!


I ordered one two days ago and am still wondering if it’s worth it. But fitting in the Peloton?! Well, now I’m sold! Patiently waiting for it.


Also Dicks sporting goods has these in stock in assorted colors in store (near me) and online. The website says new colors are coming soon. They had 6 color ways in store. Definitely worth scoping out your local store or the website!


No. But if it falls and you catch it soon enough there will most likely only be water around the lid not the ground (foggy lid, I can’t speak for the clear lid)