Little Updates

A few (fun) updates from me:
1) I just started a new little page on College Prep… I have a Currently Obsessed profile but it’s kind of hard to get to. I also get a lot of emails asking what my “top picks” are. I thought it would be fun to put together a page with my top six items. I’m not sure how regularly I’ll update it, but definitely about once a week (if not more). 
Click on “the shop” to see what I’m loving!
2) I am beyond excited about the Office Hours this week for Levo League. On Thursday at 2pm EST, Joy Cho of Oh Joy! is going to be hosting!!!! Joy is an incredible blogger and I am personally really excited to hear what she has to say. If you’re available on Thursday definitely join in! If you’re not, no worries. You can watch it in the archive after the event.
(Also, her baby Ruby is just about the cutest thing in the world.)
3) Are you looking for an internship? Louboutin (the Louboutin) is looking for a Public Relations intern…. Apply here!
(please feel free to pass on any discounts or shoes….)

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