Shades of…. Green

It’s seriously beginning to cool off. I am completely excited. My first real Manhattan fall! I traveled up a few times during the fall back in college, but now I get to experience all of the fun… just by walking outside. Even though the official start of fall is yet to come, I’ve been plotting my autumn wardrobe.
Inadvertently, I’ve been incorporating more and more green into my daily life. Here are my top eight green picks for the fall.
Tippi Sweater | I stole borrowed a similar sweater from my sister last year. It is perfect for layering over plaid shirts and looks great with riding boots. It goes with both browns and blacks, so no matter what’s on your feet, you’re pretty much set.
Bobbi Brown Eyeliner | The lady at the makeup counter convinced me to switch to the Hunter shade of the eyeliner. I was beyond skeptical. But I can safely say that I am officially obsessed. It’s super dark so I don’t feel like I’m going to some costume party, but it definitely has the perfect hint of green. I have hazel-ish eyes (sometimes they’re fully brown and sometimes they’re eerily green) and I think it’s a great color.
Byzantine Floral Choker | How cute would this look with a white button up, dark jeans, and brown flats? It’s a fun little piece and the color is perfect for fall. I especially love the green + gold combination!
Jeffrey Campbell Ballet Flat | I can’t get over how adorable these flats are. They have cute little tassels on the heel… which is such an interesting take on the trend. I am more than a little obsessed….
Longchamp | My navy and black Longchamp bags better watch their backs. The dark green one is calling my name.
Hunter Wellingtons | As much as I love riding boots, they’re definitely not good for rainy days! These wellies look great with skirts, tights, dresses, and even skinny jeans. (And leggings if you’re up for it.) Tall socks looks super cute too!
Essie Stylenomics | Someone in the office was handing out the mini packs of Essie nail polish before Fashion’s Night Out. I, obviously, decided to test out a shade. I went for the greenish Stylenomics. It definitely goes on very dark… it seriously almost looks black! But with the right lighting, the green is just so perfect. It may just be my new favorite shade.
Kate Spade Wallet | It’s called the “Carlisle Street-Stacy” wallet. Which means it was basically made for my sister and me. (Carly + Stacy) Plus, it incorporates the beautiful polka dots that I am so so so loving.
What do you think about green? What’s your favorite green thing?

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Cute! I'm not normally a green person, but I have this awesome simple v-neck Gap long sleeve that I wear all the time. Perfect for this weather, since it's still light but long sleeve is great for a cold office!
I might have to get those flats & Essie polish!

carelessly graceful


Love to borrow/steal my sister's clothes! That green Essie is gorgeous, and I'll have to try green eyeliner out. I've always wanted to but have never actually done it!


My bright green lacoste polo is definitely a favorite! It works year-round (with shorts in summer, and with jeans and a cardi in fall/winter). I'm thinking of investing in some more green clothing though! (omg I NEED the tippi sweater!)


I love the Kate Spade wallet. polka dots and + green = perfect combo! That Longchamp green one might be the one I might get.

I don't own that much green except a work shirt and a basic green top. I always have a hard time finding the right shade of green for me to wear.