The Perfect Bag?

Just a quick post…. this is to alert you to what I believe may just be the perfect bag.
I’m all about totes right now. Living in a city means I do a lot of walking around to run errands. I also hate getting plastic bags (thank you D.C. for conditioning me for this). Totes are slowly turning into my weakness. And how perfectly beautiful is this one? At just over $50, it’s not quite a splurge and not quite a steal. But it’s striped. And has leather.

Oh, I love it!

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oh my goodness, the stripes…it's just so pretty! I agree with you, I'm very much in love with totes at the moment. they're just so practical!


That bag is so adorable and chic!
Stripes are a classic and paired with leather (or polyurethane), so elegant and sensible.
Just picture this bag paired with lots of cute outfits. A fun red dress, a cute skirt and blouse, black cropped pants and a breton top. Oh, the many possibilities for a cute French inspired outfit! 🙂

Now if only this bag came in a backpack form…
I would snap it up as fast as you can say "buy" and use it to tote around all the randomness that I need for school.
Thanks for sharing this adorable bag with us Carly!

I hope you're having a marvelous day!! <3


Julia D.

I also have to do a lot of walking around while running errands, which has caused an unnatural love for totes. This one is too cute!