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I think even during a “good year,” the holidays can be a stressful time for a lot of people. Family dynamics, travel woes, financial strain, seasonal changes… You name it, everything seems to come to a head around November/December.

As much as I love “the holidays,” I find this period of time to be the most mentally draining. It’s the busiest few months for me work wise, I tend to put unrealistic expectations for how the holidays should feel/go on myself, and then I almost always feel like I’m going to disappoint someone along the way. Whether that’s a work relationship, a friendship, or family.


I have a full confession to make (I’m fairly certain I never mentioned this). But last year I just completely opted out of Thanksgiving. I was feeling completely run down from work and the thought of having to pack and fly to Florida during my busiest week… and basically choose between Mike’s family and mine. I just tapped out. Fully. I booked a suite at the Mayflower Inn in Connecticut for two nights and lived it up alone. Maybe this sounds depressing to some people, but I really enjoy my own company and I think I seriously listened to my gut and knew I *needed* a couple of days to decompress. I worked. I booked spa appointments. And I sat by a fire and needlepointed. I watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and ordered room service. I read and slept.

This is not always doable and I doubt I’ll ever be able to pull this kind of escapade off again, but I say all this to say that the holidays are stressful. Even when they’re magical, they can still be a lot.

Fast forward to this year?

I don’t even know what to think anymore. I think it goes without saying it’ll be a different holiday season with likely increased stress. And I have a whole tool belt of things I use to manage my stress and I’m as diligent as possible with staying on top of the whole routine because I absolutely feel my best and the most like myself when I’m taking care of me. There is no cure for anxiety so I don’t pretend like doing everything perfectly completely erases all my anxious feelings– instead I feel like I’m much more able to handle and manage my emotions on a day to day basis. When something pops up, I’m able to work through it verses allowing it to knock me down. (I like to think of my management tools as turning roadblocks into speed bumps.)

Every night, I aim to get at least eight hours of sleep, going to bed at the same time and waking up at the same time seven days a week. I eat and drink healthy and enjoy “vices” in moderation. I exercise regularly (about three or four times a week) and get outside with the dogs every day. And I meditate every day for at least ten minutes, usually more. And, this year, I started incorporating CBD into my routine.

I absolutely love it.

I’m not going to lie, at first I was intimidated by it and didn’t know how I felt about taking it, but I gave it a shot and really liked how I felt after about a month of consistent use. It does NOT cure anxiety– this is not anxiety medication– but it is a great additional tool in my tool belt for managing stress. I prefer taking the Equilibria drops about an hour before I want to fall asleep. It doesn’t make me sleepy, but it helps quiet the extra noise so I’m able to slip into sleep a bit easier.

I am *obsessed* with the cream, which I apply liberally for sore muscles and menstrual cramps. And the facial oil works so, so well on my skin.

Right now, through tomorrow (11/26/20), Equilibria is having a BOGO sale on their holiday gift sets. Aka this is a great time to treat yourself and your friend to a few CBD goodies. I gifted regular boxes to my sister and my mom last year and love that Equilibria is doing specific holiday gift sets this year. It’s such a great idea and I love the kits.



– Buy a holiday gift set and get one 50% off– both new and returning members can take advantage of this

– New customers can also get an extra 15% off with code “CARLYTHEPREPSTER”

Each of the holiday sets contain a different combination of products:

PEACE OF MIND: Cranberry Elderflower Daily Drops and Dynamic Roller Duo

COMFORT OF CALM: Mindful Mineral Soak and Daily Treatment Oil for Face + Body

JOY OF SLEEP: Spiced Bergamot Daily Drops, Daily Softgels, Mindful Mineral Soak, and Luxury Sleep Mask

SEASON OF INTENTION: Mindful Mineral Soak, Daily Softgels, Cranberry Elderflower Daily Drops, Daily Treatment Oil for Face + Body

All of the sets come with the holiday pouch (for easy gifting) AND (!!!) gives 5% donation to Black Girl Ventures.


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I’m getting closer and closer to finally trying Equilibria… This sale might just do me in! I really love what you said about having a routine and toolbox for managing anxiety. I’ve introduced a lot of things already, and feel like CBD would be really good for helping “dull the noise” a little. It’s certainly not cheap but I don’t think any of us are in a place where we can skimp on mental health right now.

Also love that you took a vacation from Thanksgiving last year. It sounds like just the reset I need! If only…


Great post. This stuff really works. I envy the getaway vs attending family get togethers. What a great idea.


Great review. I’ve looked at a couple of CBD sites, unable to decide (stress of making the decision??!!). I just ordered 2 of the gift sets- thanks 😊


The Mayflower has been my “happy place” for over 20 years now. As a mother of five, it is my go to getaway when things get to be too much. While it is wonderful to go with my husband, there is NOTHING like recharging up there alone for a couple of days. Carving out time for yourself is an important part of married life and there is just no place like The Mayflower to hit the reset button!


I finally went ahead and bought Equilibria about a week ago after a very bad anxiety day! I just took my first soft gel last night (starting off with the recommendation on the website for stress management and restless nights) and am really hoping it helps! I’m a lot like you Carly where I am VERY particular about my routine, my space, what type of content I consume, meditation, exercise, etc. and it’s all in an effort to curb anxiety. It can feel like a lot at times but I know how much it helps.

This year has been wild though and it just felt like time to add something else. Thank you for sharing so much about your own mental health, it’s so nice to hear from others who are just trying to do their best and figure this all out little by little!


This is great to hear! Don’t be afraid to utilize their dosage consultants too– especially after a bit of trying! They’ll help you hone in on the perfect amount.


I don’t use Equilibria myself (I’ve tried it, but have had better personal results with Bleubird Botanicals) but I so appreciate a few things about this post, and your content generally.
1. I love that you clearly, visibly disclose sponsored content. It builds so much trust with your readers.
2. I love that you don’t try to sell CBD as a “cure” for anxiety, and say that explicitly. Nothing makes me angrier than people who underestimate/stigmatize mental illness and make it seem like something that can be instantly cured with a little oil. Of course it can help, but it’s not a cure-all, and I’m grateful that you’re transparent about it.

Happy Thanksgiving!