I don’t know how else to say it…. but THANK YOU.

This has been the wildest year and, while there’s much to fret over, there is still plenty to be thankful for too. I’m beyond grateful for this community and your support. I can’t even begin to describe it.



I’ve felt really proud of this particular blog community. But I think this year in particular I have been blown away by YOU. The conversations I’ve had in DMs and emails have been a beacon of goodness. Every time someone helps someone in our Facebook group, my faith is restored a bit more. There has been a slew of difficult and necessary conversations. And I made the promise that I wouldn’t back down from them. I’m grateful you stuck by me as I figured it out myself, joined in, shared your own revelations, and even held me to a higher standard when I fell short.

Earlier this spring you helped me raise around $7,000 for No Kid Hungry, then we raised even more for No Kid Hungry and Black Girl Ventures during my mask sale. You stood by as I found my voice for Black Lives Matter and you graciously allowed me to find my voice during this year’s presidential election.

I have believed this to be one of the best blog communities out there– and now I know for certain. Truly.


Wishing you a safe, healthy, and happy day full of gratitude. 

There is one small request that I have… I know this week is a week full of sales. There’s Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday. And this year it seems like the sales started and never really stopped. I will definitely be doing my own personal shopping for Christmas gifts, no shame in that! BUT… if you can, please please please consider making a monetary donation to your local food bank. Staying local means you’ll specifically help your own community and giving money allows them to buy exactly what they need– often in bulk at a discounted rate. If you’re local to northern NJ, I have been donating my time and money to Interfaith Food Pantry in Morristown and couldn’t be more impressed by the services they provide the community. 

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Happy Thanksgiving Carly! Thank you for showing up for us every day. For being respectful of us in terms of what and how you share your career. For being an example. Have a wonderful day!

Lauren S

Happy Thanksgiving! And thank you for being an authentic and engaging blogger. I can honestly say you’re the only blog I visit daily, and I’ve been a reader for 7 years! Thanks for all you do for us 💙


Honestly, I feel I should be thanking you. With this pandemic, you were an inspiration. You showed up every day and created content that was appropriate for the times. I got through this period with many of your honest and informative posts and it all felt genuine. Thank you.

Lucy W

Just signed up for a volunteer shift at our local food bank next week – thanks for the push Carly!

Lorraine Barnes

I have been following you for nearly 2 years now and you are an inspiration! I love your calm, intelligent and cute way of expressing yourself. Your style is great and your blog has been a great escape during the pandemic. Rock on Carly!!


Just donated to my local food pantry after reading your plugs for local charitable giving. Thanks for the encouragement and for using your platform for good!! 🙂