Mount Juliet Estate

Garrett and I flew direct to Dublin. The flight got in right around 10 in the morning. With Ireland being five hours ahead and sleeping on airplanes nearly impossible, we were running on pure adrenaline when we arrived.  
That’s the fun part about traveling with friends, we had two things to look forward to: reuniting with friends and seeing a new country. The Mount Juliet estate is huge. The map they hand you at check in is overwhelmingly amazing. We spent some time in the garden and then pretty much beelined to the horses. (And cows, but the horses stole our hearts!)
I had no idea what to pack really. The weather reports were showing warm weather, but I was also keeping tabs on photos tagged on Instagram with the geolocations of where we’d be to see what other tourists were wearing. It was such a melting pot of everything. 
Originally, the month or two before the trip, I had assumed I’d need a ton of sweaters and extra jackets. I planned on wearing jeans most of the trip. After following the weather, I knew dresses would likely be an option for at least a few days of the trip. 
Bell Collection had sent me this striped shirtdress and it arrived a few days before we left. I tossed it in my suitcase as a “just in case” dress and, naturally, ended up wearing it the very first day! As it cooled off at night, I pulled a sweater on for a little extra warmth, but it was perfect all afternoon on its own.
I know I mentioned it earlier on here, but the Longchamp backpack was also a last minute decision and I ended up carrying it everywhere
One of my friends, who grew up traveling to Ireland for Irish dancing competitions, told me how much I’d love all the greenery. It’s certainly the “Emerald Isle.” My iPhone camera roll seemed like various shades of greens, greens, and more greens. I was obsessed.
Garrett and I went to bed that night (thoroughly exhausted and jetlagged) saying to ourselves, “I can’t believe we’re actually here!!!!” 

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Meagan Marie

I bought that longchamp backpack in Paris a couple years ago when I was traveling around Europe, and I LOVE it. I used it all throughout my trip, and I still use it often walking around DC 🙂