Ready to know what my 2021 goals are for this year??? First let’s rewind and see how I did for 2020.

Considering I set 2020’s goals before we knew what 2020 would turn into, it wasn’t so terrible. First, I’m still killing my 2019 goals. My 2019 goals were mostly all about fixing my daily habits and it’s something I’ve continued to focus on so I don’t “lose” that muscle. Not to say that I’m perfect all the time, but I definitely think those healthy habits stuck around. (The only one that wasn’t super possible during 2020 was not using disposable coffee cups, for health reasons I went back to to-go cups… but I think it was largely offset by the fact that we drank 99% of our coffee this year in the home. So altogether a win, I’d say.)

My 2020 goals and how I measured up this year:


HA!!!! Joke was on me with this one. We did lunch at home pretty much every single day. And that Whole Foods salad bar I was relying on for easy lunches? Closed. Again, ha. I guess the bright side is being forced to do lunch at home every day made me realize just how easy it is to do lunch at home. I did a lot of eggs and English muffins or leftovers for lunch. But I still think that counts 😉


Prior to lock downs, I was doing so well with this. The gym I went to had an incredible quiet room specifically dedicated to stretching. I’d spend 10 minutes in there every time I left a workout class and just stretched out before leaving. I liked the routine of not just bolting out of a class and rushing to my car. I think ultimately it made me more thoughtful and mindful and appreciate of my workouts. And the increased flexibility was a bonus.

I was actually fairly close to getting the splits in March, but then once we went into lockdown and gyms closed I gave myself permission to let go of that dream. I wish I could say I continued with stretching after my at-home workouts but the bottom line is that I…. did not. I’m trying to do it more now, working yoga in between Peloton-ing and tacking on a cool-down stretch after a ride. Some days I’m better than others.


I’d say this was a fail for 2020… but maybe a foreshadowing for 2021 😉


And here is where I think I really shined with goals. I absolutely fell in love with sewing. I’ve talked about it at length by now. But long story short, I started sewing face masks and that led to bigger projects and I now I love to sew. If anything, this was an actual lifeline for me. A hobby that brought me lots of peace during a year that was filled with uncertainty.

I love the sewing community. I love the attention to detail. And I love that every project forces me to push myself outside my comfort zone. I love that it forces me to mistakes (lots of mistakes) and that I have to be okay with slight imperfections. I really, really love that when I’m finished with something, I have a beautiful TANGIBLE object to show for it. In a digital world, and maybe even more so in 2020 when so many of our social interactions happened through a screen, there is something grounding about holding a finished project.


So… my 2021 goals???

I have none. ZERO GOALS FOR THIS YEAR. While this seems like I have “no goals,” ultimately I do think it’s a goal in and of itself. I really have no idea where this year is going to go. What it’s going to look like tomorrow let alone next fall. It is…. what it is. And that’s okay. (Or, I guess better put, I have to be okay with that.)

I already have some things scheduled for this year that are taking up a lot of brain space and that is kind of all I can handle at the moment. I feel like this non-goal goal is pretty much in line and works in tandem with my 2021 intention of just taking things one day at a time.

Because there is still so much uncertainty, I don’t want to put any additional pressure on myself to feel like I have to do ~all the things~. Just getting through each day and trying to find the win in every day is enough.

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Marie M. C/

I love you goals for 2021. Just take one day at a time. Something we all need to do. Also, I wanted to comment on your photographs. They’re wonderful. I just assumed that Mike or your regular photographer was taking the photos. You’re doing a terrific job if I can’t tell the difference between a professional and yourself. (I did realize you were taking the “week of outfits yourself but they’re still good.)


With. You.

My boss just asked me the other day what my word for 2021 was (because I always pick one). And I just scratched my head and said, “You know… I’m not doing that this year. At least not right now.” And the weight I felt lifted instantly. We don’t have to always be the same creature we have been. If 2020 showed us anything, it’s that!


Brava! I am not a goal-oriented person, and find great peace of mind in refusing g to set them.

Lisa McGann

Love to sew – I hear you – it is so satisfying! Several years ago I took some sewing courses in England – one on drapery making and another on making hand-sewn silk lampshades. Not only was it fun to learn the skills, it was also the most amazing experience meeting and visiting with my classmates and spending the week in a charming village. (And I went with my Mom – so just wonderfulness all around!)

Sarah Smith

Hand-sewn silk lampshades sounds like the best and most luxurious thing in the world. I am intrigued lol.

Lisa McGann

It was such a cool class!! I’m not sure if they still offer it. Our instructor had the most interesting life and had all theses stories about living in a chateau in France. We stayed in a B&B in town and sat in the parlor each evening doing our “homework” and visiting with our classmates. I wore latex-type gloves on my hands to protect my shade from my poor, stabbed-and-bleeding fingers 😂(it requires a bit of force to get your needle though the binding on the frame). They aren’t really hard to make, just a bit putzy.


I am with you all the way with not having goals for 2021! Coming off the heaviness and stress from 2020, I feel 2021 should just be about breathing, living in the moment, and finding joy in the little things. Thank you for being an authentic voice on social media!


I love this! So realistic and always good to make your goals just sticking to old goals that have made life better.


Love this! I decided to not do a Goodreads goal for myself this year, I put too much pressure on myself last year to meet my goal and it became stressful. The opposite of what reading should be!!


Agreed! I stepped back from hard reading goals as well. I just want to ‘read what I like and learn’.


I love this, and very much enjoyed your look back on 2020 and previous years.
And I am looking forward to reading your book …? 😉


I’m really keen on getting back into sewing this year. I’ve had a sewing machine for almost 8 years now and i’ve used it sparingly. I haven’t set myself any goals this year. I’m spending the rest of January deciding the goals (if any) I want to achieve this year.

xo Stephanie