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My big disclaimer for this post is that I’m doing this for fun! I feel like I have literally everything I could ever need and want, but I had fun putting together a birthday wishlist, so I figured I’d keep the trend going. (I also have gotten reader requests for this I think to help with their own lists. Twist my arm– I’m happy to oblige.)

CHANEL FLATS // I have and love two pairs of Chanel flats. I’m starting to worry that my feet will never fit into them again after this pregnancy. (Send prayers 😪.) So this item is a bit of a hope that I’ll be able to wear them again and also a reminder that if I have to replace them, I can always replace them with a pair that fits.

PILLOW BAR PILLOW // This popped up on my radar via an Instagram account I follow and my interest was piqued! I take sleep very seriously nowadays and this looks like an incredible addition to my good-sleep-arsenal, especially as a side sleeper. I also love that you can add a complimentary monogram.

THERAFACE PRO // Everyone I know who has the TheraFace Pro raves about it. I’ve been dealing with some TMJ and muscle tension in my face and I’ve heard this is great for that. The claim is that it can help reduce tension and relax facial muscles, which sounds heavenly to me.

AIRPODS MAX // My AirPods are my saving grace throughout the day and I’ve been tempted to go for the Max headphones. Certainly not a need– just a want!

WILDBIRD AERIAL CARRIER // Thankfully, I feel pretty good about all the baby gear we have from Jack for the new baby. This new carrier is probably at the top of my personal wishlist! I didn’t baby carry as much as I think I should have and I also know it’ll be super helpful with a toddler too.

VARLEY // Varley has quickly topped my “most worn” items lately. I LOVE the pieces I have and would love to add some more comfy items (maybe in cute colors) into my loungewear wardrobe.

MANTA SLEEP MASK // I got a targeted ad for these Sleep Masks and I want one! Clearly, I’m in my healthy sleep era. I don’t sleep with a mask every night, but if I take a nap during the day or if I’m traveling, I almost always do. This one looks so comfortable….

MANOLO BLAHNIK BOW HEELS // Finishing the list with a very, very delusional addition. I have no need for these heels (and frankly rarely have an excuse to wear heels), but can we just talk about how beautiful these heels are?!


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Emily DeLong

I also saw the pillow on Instagram and immediately ordered it for my husband – it’s under the tree so not sure how it works, but it shipped SO QUICKLY even with the addition of a monogram!


Love all of these items! BUT I splurged on AirPod Maxes last year and I totally don’t think they are worth the hype (besides the aesthetic!) they are SUPER heavy and if you wear glasses they are very uncomfortable together. I don’t think the quality is any better either. In fact, my husband pulled mine out of a drawer recently and I said, “oh wow I forgot I had those!”

Save your money and get the shoes 🤭


I rarely used a carrier for my first kid – but when I had my second (and had a wild toddler) it was a game changer!! He’s 6 months old now and I still wear him all the time, but it was particularly useful in the early months when he wanted to be held all the time but I couldn’t leave him anywhere anyway because I was worried my toddler would smush him!