ON MY RADAR 12.8.23

Whew, we are flying through December!! We have so many fun things coming up and I’m trying to savor every day without wishing time away. (Although I’m starting to get anxious-excited about meeting the new baby! February will be here before we know it!)

Here’s what’s been on my radar this week:

ONE // “How to Feel Alive Again”

This is an older article, but I stumbled on it recently (I think from a Facebook group I’m in) and I loved the sentiment. If you’re struggling right now with the darkness/cold, especially, I think this article about how to “feel alive again” will resonate with you. I know I have felt not quite myself lately and like I’m just running through the motions every day (rinse and repeat)…

TWO // Our Christmas Cards

I was this close to skipping Christmas cards this year. I felt like I had a lot on my plate and I kept meaning to try to get a family photo and the plans were falling through left and right. It also feels like fewer and fewer people are doing them lately…. so I almost skipped. And then I was inspired to just look at the cards and see if any stood out to me and would work with a photo I love from summer. I ended up doing this card– I was actually excited about it! (Ask me again how I feel when I’m sealing and stamping the envelopes 😜

THREE // Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies

One, this video is super entertaining and two, these cookies look incredible. If you’re doing a cookie exchange this year, I might put these at the top of the list! The marshmallow part is what intrigues me the most. YUM.

FOUR // Sephora Sale

There’s a big Sephora sale happening right now– a lot of things are 20% off and Sephora Collection is 30% off. I missed a couple of Cyber Week sales for beauty because I was so hyperfocused on buying gifts for everyone on my list. So I made sure to stock up on some of my favorite products and used it as an opportunity to try a couple of new-to-me products as well. Sharing some of my faves here.

FIVE // Painted Taper Candles

There are so many little crafts and activities I want to do and painting taper candles is really at the top of my list. I’m loving the taper candle trend and I think it would be fun to try my hand at painting and customizing them. This TikTok had some great tips and techniques.

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Pro tip: if you have any of those Water Wow activity books laying around, the brush works great for sealing envelopes! A little mom hack I learned this year. 😉 I’m sure your cards will be much appreciated!


It turns out the best way to seal Christmas Card envelopes is with a Water Wow brush. Parenting for the win!