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Anyone else in disbelief Thanksgiving is in less than a week? I double checked my calendar twice because it just didn’t seem like it could be true. But alas, we’re blazing through November. I feel like this has been such a long year (for obvious reasons) and it’s weird to feel time move this quickly. (I have no idea if that makes sense, ha.)

Did I do anything of note this week? Besides work, I did spend one evening putting together an ornament with our wedding monogram that I needlepointed! I love how it turned out and I’m really excited to have it to commemorate our “first married Christmas” forever 🥰

On My Radar 11.20.20

On My Radar 11.20.20

Here’s what was on my radar this week:

ONE // Vineyard Vines x Tuckernuck

Tuckernuck and Vineyard Vines teamed up to create an exclusive collection!! It’s gorgeous! Such a perfect blend between the two brands: the Vineyard Vines you know and love with a Tuckernuck twist. Hello hot pink taffeta perfection  and a blue and white skirt that has me wishing we either a) were allowed to travel or b) lived somewhere more tropical!!

TWO // Millennials Grow Up, but American Girl Is Forever

For all my fellow millennials who still love their American Girl dolls, this article is for you! Honestly makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside! Clearly the dolls and books left a massive impression on an entire generation of girls– now women.

THREE // Just Add Dinner Table Settings

How genius is this? The Avenue has put together perfectly coordinated table settings and each setting comes with everything you need for a beautiful spread. We have been in a terrible habit of not setting the table for dinner during the pandemic. (We’ve either been eating right at the island or… gulp, on the couch. We’re over it 😆) Maybe having some of these beautiful sets would re-inspire me to set the table.

FOUR // Harry Styles Sings an Acoustic Version of “Cherry”

Oh do I just love Harry Styles. He’s so talented. Honestly I could listen to his songs all day every day and never grow sick of them. He’s on the cover of Vogue‘s December issue. They released some footage from the shoot and put it to an acoustic version of “Cherry.” Absolutely dreamy… enjoy!

FIVE // “Indoor Person” Sweatshirt

This may be the best sweatshirt I’ve ever seen and I know there is a group of you out there who can relate!! I think this would be such a fantastic gift too– even if we’re not “indoor people” we know at least one “indoor person.” The sweatshirt says: A person who loves the great indoors, where there’s wifi, snacks, and climate control. Yep. Sign me up!


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Marli Hipólito

Olá Carla, eu sou a Marli. Já te sigo a algum tempo. Gosto muito do que públicas. Tenho tirado muitas ideias para colocar na minha casa. Obrigada por partilhares o teu dia a dia. Eu sou de Portugal. Beijinhos

Marli Hipólito

Olá Carly, sou a Marli. Já te sigo a algum tempo. Tens ideias maravilhosas. Gosto muito do teu estilo, tenho tirado muitas ideias para a minha casa. Obrigada!! Beijinhos


That article did give me all the feels. I just this week requested an American Girl holiday catalog to be shipped to me. American Girl is totally forever


I had never thought to request a catalog… What a good idea! I can’t wait to get mine and catch up on the AG world!


I was going to mention Chris Loves Julia too! Feels like this “indoor person” one is a rip off of theirs, which is too bad. Either way, it’s a great sentiment during this crazy year!

Carolyn Vaughan

I grew up with American Girl dolls (Felicity was my girl – fellow redhead) and I totally related to the article! I did so much crafting as a kid based on the catalogues and magazines and even doll crafting YouTube videos, because I knew I could never have most of the accessories in the catalog. I definitely still treasure them and want to pass on to my kids!

Sarah K

Wanted to share what we’ve been doing regarding place settings during this time, because I totally relate! We actually started doing a more small scale place setting at the island when we are eating dinner. It helps makes things feel a bit more put together but without a ton of effort and still relatively casual! It became a total game changer for us!