I’ve been counting down the days to today because we finally get to go to the big 20-week scan for baby! All of my friends who have carried babies says it’s one of their favorite pregnancy milestones. I loved seeing our baby move around at the 12 week scan, so I can only imagine how much growth has happened between then and now. (From the kicks and rolls I feel every day, I think it’s *a lot* of growth.) I can’t wait!!!

ON MY RADAR 3.26.21

ON MY RADAR 3.26.21

Our local cafe is in a renovated gas station (it’s so cool). They have been opening all the garage doors so you can sit inside but it’s super safe since it’s all open air. It was definitely a highlight of the week for me. I missed sitting “inside” a cafe to work.

ON MY RADAR 3.26.21

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Baked Chicken Tacos

Admittedly, I have not made these…. YET. Key word being yet. I have been weirdly enjoying cooking more lately. I don’t know what is happening, but I’m not mad about it. So I can’t wait to try these baked chicken tacos. They look delicious.

TWO // Pink City Prints Dress

I bought this dress in blue last year and it sold out. Whenever I wore it, I would get a ton of questions about it. And I wore it a lot. You probably remember me wearing it multiple times a week on my Instagram. It made quite a few appearances. Well, it’s BACK in pink this year!!!! I had to share because I know how popular it was last year and I imagine it will sell out again.

THREE // Martha Stewart Makes Croissants Four Ways

This is a great round up of Martha Stewart making four different kinds of croissants. Making croissants has been something I’ve wanted to try for a while, but just haven’t committed to it. It’s definitely an undertaking and not for the faint of heart. (I have no problem buying them though, haha.) Even if I never get around to baking them myself, I can’t seem to stop watching videos of how they’re made. Always makes me appreciate the effort that goes into the buttery, flaky pastries.

FOUR // T-Shirt Midi Dress

If you didn’t get one of these midi t-shirt dresses last year, they are (!!!!) back in action. This one is super affordable (and marked down even more on sale!) and super cute. I love how comfortable and easy to wear t-shirt dresses are. They can easily be dressed up a bit with accessories, but look just as good with simple sneakers. Nothing fancy here.

FIVE // Big Brother Breathing Exercise

This sweet, sweet video made me so happy. A mom captured an amazing moment between her sons on camera. Things were getting heated over a video game and big brother helped little brother breathe through the heat of the moment. I LOVE to see children reaping the benefits of mindfulness, breathing exercises, and meditation. You’re never to young, but it’s also never too late, to start!

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It’s so amazing to see life unfold before you on the ultrasound screen. A little peek into a hidden world.

Erin Droese

That video with the brother helping with breathing exercises is SO SWEET! I know you used to use that meditation specific app (I can’t remember the name at the moment). Have you tried the meditations on the Peloton app? If so do you still use your old app, too? Which do you prefer? Or both?

Have a great weekend!