Mike and I are going into the city for a little staycation. We have been talking about doing this for a long time and we finally felt like it was time to do it now that we’re fully vaccinated and things are getting a bit more normal. I haven’t been in the city at all since last March so I’m especially excited to return. We booked a fancy hotel and made dinner reservations for dinners but otherwise keeping our schedule clear for wandering.

ON MY RADAR 5.14.21

ON MY RADAR 5.14.21 | fresh flowers in vase

ON MY RADAR 5.14.21

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Green Seamed Shift Dress

I wish I could wear this dress this summer…. It may be my most favorite I’ve seen online this season! Anything green has been catching my eye and this one looks like a particularly perfect shade. I also am a sucker for the crisp white piping. Kind of reminds me of a tennis court– in the best way possible.

TWO // Olga Dies Dreaming

I met Xochitl Gonzalez on a press trip years ago. I was so happy she added me to her personal email list so I can keep up with her writing adventures. She recently attended the prestigious Iowa’s Writers’ Workshop. She finished her novel Olga Dies Dreaming. It went to auction between ten publishers (!!! always a big deal, even more so when it’s your debut novel!) AND Hulu is already working on a pilot for it to be adapted for the small-screen. I. Can’t. Wait. To. Read. It. 

THREE // Free Flowers Stand

I love my Little Free Library– it has brought me so much joy. I love seeing people peeking in, leaving with a book in hand, or dropping off their latest read to pass on to someone else. In the same vein, Whitney created a free flower stand for her neighbors with all the flowers she clips from her amazing garden! What a sweet– and colorful– way to give back to neighbors.

FOUR // Women’s Boxers

How cute are these boxers from J. Crew? They’re inspired by men’s boxers but made to fit women…. I love it. Perfect for pajama bottoms or just lazing around the house, too.

FIVE // Broadway Returns!

Broadway shows are set to return September! I keep joking with Mike we’ll need to get a babysitter (!!!) for the next show we go to and I already can’t wait. This video of Come From Away‘s cast returning back to the theater after being away for the entire pandemic brought an actual tear to my eye. I sent it to many of my Broadway-loving friends and thought some of you might enjoy it too!!

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For #5… you mean Come From Away 🙂 best musical probably ever. Highly recommend!


So Jcrew posted an actual outfit with those boxers, like paired with a cardigan and sneakers, and it was so cute… and now I don’t hate the idea of wearing them out in public with the right outfit lol


I did think at the very least it could be cute at the beach or pool too!!


I really did tear up when I saw that Broadway is coming back! I didn’t know the last show I saw at the end of February 2020 would be my last for a long time and I am beyond thrilled for the theater community!! What you do want to see for your first show “back”?!

Swapna King

I cannot believe you posted the green dress!! Kindred spirits! I have it in my cart. Haven’t pulled the trigger. I have bought so much tennis green this spring! My daughter is playing, so I have been inspired! Loved the boxers and wish my neighbor was the free flower lady! I cannot wait to see an in person musical and concert! I have missed the arts.