This was a great week over here. I came off of a pretty busy work stretch from November until the end of April and it took me a solid two weeks to get my footing back into a “normal” work routine again. This was the first week where I felt like a normal sense of work and I couldn’t be more relieved. Especially coming off of a little staycation with Mike, I think we both hit the ground running on Monday feeling fully recharged mentally and emotionally.

I’m down in Florida this weekend for a small baby shower a couple of my mom’s friends are throwing for me. It was so nice of them to offer and I’m excited to see some faces I haven’t seen in a while. (Have I mentioned just how grateful I am for vaccines?! When we got pregnant at the end of last year, I could never have imagined that a baby shower would have even been possible.)

ON MY RADAR 5.21.21

ON MY RADAR 5.21.21 | dogs loving the warm weather

ON MY RADAR 5.21.21

The dogs are LOVING the warm weather! Look at these two just soaking up the sun!!!

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Beginner’s Guide to Elin Hilderbrand Books

I am Elin Hilderbrand’s biggest fan. I just love her books so much… And I saw her once on Nantucket and almost fainted as a fan girl. Love that the NY Times did a beginner’s guide for her books, just in time for summer.

TWO // Roller Rabbit Liberty Fabrics

Two of my favorites in one: Roller Rabbit and Liberty fabrics! I saw an ad on social media for this collection of and just love it all. I especially the pajamas. Roller Rabbit makes some of the best summertime pieces and pajamas out there and the Liberty fabric couldn’t be cuter.

THREE // Dear Evan Hansen Movie Trailer

Dear Evan Hansen is one of my favorite Broadway musicals. It is such a moving and brilliantly written play– my whole family saw it a few years ago. Everyone loved it– including my dad who sobbed from the first scene through the end. We also are very, very obsessed with the soundtrack. It’s coming out as a movie and the trailer gave me straight up goosebumps!! The cast looks unbelievable (Ben Platt stars as Evan Hansen). It comes out at the end of September– can’t wait!!

FOUR // Target Dresses

When did Target’s dresses get so good??? They are killing it right now and the prices can’t be beat. The red dress I posted a couple of weeks ago was one of the best sellers I’ve ever had on my blog. You guys loved it as much as I did!!! (PS the red is still available and the blue and white version was restocked in a few sizes!) Here’s a gorgeous flowy blue and white dress (under $35), a fun pink and orange babydoll dress (only $25), and a gorgeous blue and white striped ruffle sleeve dress (only $30!).

FIVE // A Spirited Man

If you’re familiar with the Youtube world, you know what a big deal Casey Neistat is on the platform. Well, his brother has been posting videos and they are so well done. I am hooked. The brother duo used to work together (they sold their show The Neistat Brothers to HBO years ago) and they clearly have similar and complimentary styles for filmmaking and storytelling. He’s such an interesting guy and I’ve been loving his videos. Just wanted to recommend his channel if you haven’t seen it yet. 

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Have the most amazing time in Florida! It’s a miracle how quickly the vaccines rolled out and such a privilege to get one! I’m so relieved and I’m glad we get to do normal things! I’m going to my first party this weekend since the pandemic started and just so excited to do something normal. Enjoy your shower!

So pumped for Dear Evan Hansen! Best music and such a meaningful story. Love that Ben Platt is staring in it too! I’ve been meaning to catch up on Van Neistat’s channel so adding those to my queue!


🙌 for vaccines! Out of curiosity, how are you handling seeing loved ones who aren’t getting vaccinated? Currently struggling with this!


Everyone has (thankfully!) been fully vaccinated, so it hasn’t been an issue we have had to deal with.