Mike and I have been thoroughly enjoying our vacation this week! It’s also so crazy to think it’s already July– this year has absolutely flown by and with my due date fast approaching, I’m sure it’s only going to speed along even more. (If baby comes early he could be a July little guy!)

ON MY RADAR 7.2.21

ON MY RADAR 7.2.21 | pregnant woman in one piece swimsuit

ON MY RADAR 7.2.21

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Bad on Paper Podcast Interview with Elin Hilderbrand

One of my favorite authors was just interviewed on one of my favorite podcasts! Elin Hilderbrand is the “queen of beach reads” and I love reading her books. I’ve been saving her latest, Golden Girl, to read while on Nantucket and I’ve been loving it so far. Whether you’re a big fan of Elin or you’ve never read one of her books but want to know more, I highly recommend giving it a listen! 

TWO // Compass Print J. Crew Dress

This dress hit stores a bit earlier than it did e-commerce. I shared it on IG stories and had a ton of inquiries about it…. happy to say it’s available online now!! It’s a beautiful dress and I love the Cape Cod map print, which was designed by the Ratti print house in Italy! It’s a really gorgeous cotton and the smocking around the waist gives it extra comfort.

THREE // The Most Fun Way to Make Your Life Awesome

I absolutely loved Barking Up the Wrong Tree’s latest blog post about how to “make your life awesome” by creating a better internal story of our lives. It’s a bit of a read, but worth coming back to and reading in full when you have the time. I sent this around to few groups I’m a part of because I think it’s something we can all benefit from!

FOUR // Parent Trap Themed Birthday Party

Someone sent this to me on Instagram and I thought it was amazing! A 26th birthday party with a Parent Trap theme because that’s how old Meredith is in the movie. Talk about genius. (The absolute best part is the one who dressed up like the girl who gets pranked with the whipped cream…. hilarious!)

FIVE // Necessaire Body Wash

Right before we left, I got a package from Necessaire. I’m not sure who it is from yet– it could have been a gift or a PR package from the brand… need to do some investigating. But I packed a few of the items to bring along with us. I am fully on the bandwagon though! The eucalyptus body wash is especially fantastic (smells like a trip to the spa) and I’ve also been really into the body scrub, especially for getting off sunscreen after a trip to the beach.

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OMG– the Cape Cod map dress. We got engaged on the Cape in May– this would make such a cute engagement party dress as a nod to the proposal!!


Obsessed that Elin is number one the same day you got to meet her! (Internally screaming)

Kim G.

What a cute pic of you and baby- you look fantastic! Wishing you the best with baby and many joy-filled days ahead!