I keep waiting for time to come to a standstill or something, but that just does not seem to be the case! I had to double check my calendar to make sure it was actually time to write this week’s On My Radar post because it felt like I just wrote one. One thing is for certain though… I am having the hardest time focusing on anything right now. Maybe it’s the extreme heat or this final stretch of the third trimester (or a mix of the two), but the last thing I want to do is sit down and get work done. I just don’t feel sharp, at all. And I have exciting things coming up that usually would be enough motivation to get going and then some…. I’ve been trying to practice giving myself grace instead of feeling disappointed in myself though. Key word: trying.

ON MY RADAR 7.16.21

Getting the baby nursery ready | ON MY RADAR 7.16.21

ON MY RADAR 7.16.21

Getting the nursery ready! Horse print + brass ducks + rug + roman shades linked hereLand Rover block print is Hugo Guiness and the bugs/critters are vintage prints I picked up while visiting Maddie in Wayne, PA! The sailboat was handpainted by my friend Ashley for my baby shower.

ON MY RADAR 7.16.21

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Tinyhood Courses

Okay this one is for anyone currently expecting (or if you think you may down the road, bookmark this)! Our hospital would usually offer birthing classes and other helpful courses to prepare you for parenthood– you know, as best as you can prepare. Everything is virtual still though, and since we wouldn’t have an in-person experience at all, I turned to the internet to see if there were other options available. Then I kept getting ads for Tinyhood on social media and I was intrigued. I purchased the “Expecting Bundle: Childbirth 101 + Baby 101” courses and recently started watching them.

I am so, so impressed. And I have been raving about the classes to everyone in my life. Part of me was tempted to skip all things like this because I thought it would be information overload and add to my anxiety…. but I’m happy to report, I feel CONFIDENT and EMPOWERED by the knowledge. I really like that you can watch on your own schedule, rewatch sections, and revisit the course at any point. Just wanted to pass this along!

TWO // Merritt Knit Dress

EVERYONE SCOOP UP THIS DRESS. My goodness, it is cute. If I could wear this cut right now, I would order it in a heartbeat. The knit looks so comfortable and I absolutely love the color combo. Such a classic look. I even think it could work in certain work environments during the summer if you’re back in the office.

THREE // Naomi Osaka on Netflix

Wow. Netflix is releasing a limited documentary series on tennis champion Naomi Osaka. I think she’s an incredible athlete and activist and I can’t wait to sit down and watch this. The trailer looks powerful. I got to watch Naomi Osaka play at the US Open a few years ago when she was an up and coming tennis player…. pretty cool to see how far she’s come.

FOUR // Blue Gingham Maxi Dress

One more dress for this post…. I got a Facebook ad for this gingham maxi dress and it just about stopped me dead in my tracks. (Aka I immediately clicked the ad.) I haven’t personally tried it, but wanted to share it because it looks so beautiful and at $130 the price is not terribly steep either. There’s a smocked panel in the back and adjustable straps, so I have high hopes for this being a winner!

FIVE // Blueberry Peach Coffee Cake

We’ve been eating so many peaches this summer. I can’t seem to get enough… Blueberry coffee cake is also one of my favorite desserts. So blueberry coffee cake with peaches??? Sign me up! I just bought some peaches at our farmer’s market and I think I’m going to make this to have this weekend!

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Have you taken a hospital tour (either virtually or in-person)? If not, you should! Online courses are great, but a tour of the actual place you’ll be giving birth is critical. They will share exactly which pain management tools are available, what types of rooms are available (mine had 2 rooms with tubs, but alas they were unavailable when I went into labor), how the nurse and doctor shifts work, all that stuff… even which parking lots to park in and they literally walked us to the correct door so there would be no last-minute panicking. Tinyhood sounds good enough for most stuff, but the hospital tour really put my mind at ease regarding the logistics of the big day.


Co-sign the Tinyhood courses. I thought birth classes would leave me anxious; Tinyhood made me feel empowered and confident that I could do it. The breastfeed courses was also helpful. My husband watched about half the segments and it helped him greatly. We had a very standard delivery with our son, but I really credit Tinyhood with both of us being able to stay calm and know what was going on. Best purchase we made during pregnancy. (Second best was a belly support belt- really helped those last few weeks of you haven’t purchased one).

Swapna King

So excited for Baby R to arrive! I am glad you are feeling well and enjoying your pregnancy. The nursery is amazing. The print by your friend is such a beautiful gift. I love love love the Tuckernuck dress! I really need another dress like a need a hole in my head. I always love your choices from them. Blue and white always wins! I also saw Naomi play 2 years ago at the US Open. Rooting for this young lady!


Made the Blueberry Peach Coffee Cake this weekend, it is delicious! Thanks for including the recipe in the weekly roundup!

As for the last stretch before Baby R, soak up every moment! Once he’s here it might feel like those sleepless few weeks stretch on forever and may not end – but then you blink and your little guy will be two before you know it. Good luck! Love the nursery prints you chose!


Hi!! Love the art prints for the nursery! I have two boys and the bright red frame would be stunning in their room. Do you mind sharing where it’s from? Thank you!!

Jackie Radford

Thank you for the Tinyhood recommendation! I had done a course through our local hospital that didn’t cover much beyond labor and delivery – this was exactly what I needed!