DIARY No. 59

It’s been a while since my last Diary post– I was thinking there’d be a ton to catch up on. But a big chunk of that time was spent on Nantucket and I already shared a bunch of pictures from that. Otherwise, life has been fairly quiet as we not-so-patiently wait (and keep preparing) for baby!


coffee and book reading | DIARY No.59

A few weeks ago, Mike and I drove down to Pennsylvania to see our friends Maddie and Ryan. Mike and I had both seen Maddie and Ryan individually over the last year, but it had been a long time since the four of us hung out because they moved! It was so fun to get to see their new house, explore their town, and just…. be together again. Maddie and I did a lot of shopping, the boys did a lot of golfing, and the four of us did a lot of porch hangs.

hanging out on the porch

prepping the nursery | DIARY No.59

Lots of changes happening at our house to prep the nursery.

For months it felt like I had “done nothing” for the nursery, but looking back, there was a lot happening, there just wasn’t anything to show for it. Then all of a sudden, I blinked and things were HAPPENING. I hired a couple of movers to help disassemble and reassemble and store furniture. We turned my office into more of a proper guest room (with a desk so I can still work there) and turned the guest room into the nursery. Almost all of the nursery furniture is here– still waiting on the glider– and the bed frame for the guest room is MIA, but things are coming together!

wainscoting was installed | DIARY No.59

The most exciting part (to me haha) was that the wainscoting was installed!!! It turned out SO great and I can’t wait for the wallpaper next. (The paper hanger took pity on me and worked me into his schedule before the baby’s due date!!!) It transformed the whole room already…. kind of wish we had done it when we moved in!

(PS Here is the dresser we got!)

fun snaps from Nantucket

A couple of fun snaps from Nantucket. Mike and I went on a double date with Mackenzie and her husband on our first night. We had a great dinner and then, naturally, ended up at The Juice Bar for waffle cones.

And then Victoria (Little V if you’ve been here since I was in college!) flew in late Friday night so I got to see her (and her whole fam!) on Saturday. We took a couple of the dogs out for a little hike and it was just so nice to catch up!

hiking with dogs | DIARY No.59

local pond club

Joining a local pond club was the best idea….

It’s about a three minute drive from our house and I have been driving over in the middle of the day just to get into the water and cool off and then popping back in my car to get home to work again. A quick trip does the trick!

F Gerald New in Morristown

Elsa and I celebrated her birthday together with some shopping– we hit up our favorite spots, like F Gerald New in Morristown (above). And then we went to dinner at Central + Main in Madison (below) to hit up their seafood summer pop up. Delicious!

fries burger and lobster rolls | DIARY No.59

burger and watermelon

We had a little summer barbecue picnic and swim with our neighbors and their kids. We packed pulled pork for sandwiches, corn salad, and watermelon!

eating watermelon

Speaking of watermelon, I have been eating it so frequently. And in huge quantities. I can’t seem to get enough– if we don’t have any in our house, I will go to the grocery store solely to get a big melon to chop up and keep on hand.

bassinet for baby | DIARY No.59

Put together the bassinet! The dogs are getting more and more confused… haha. I think Teddy thought it might be for him 😉

folding baby clothes

And in more nesting news. I started washing everything for the baby. I loved folding all the little jammies and onesies.

house in the summer

Love how cheery and summery the house has been looking lately. I’m biased but I think it’s such a cute house in every season, but I just love it in the summer when everything is green, green, green!

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Great post. Can you link some of the items you purchased for your new baby? Lots of babies and weddings this year and just need a little help. Between baby showers and weddings its a busy year. Thanks.


Great photos! Have you tried the sparkling watermelon juice from Trader Joe’s? It is so good!


Me either! I’ve tried Googling and all I get is results about a place in London. I’m really curious!