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LITTLE V’S BIRTHDAY- Coordination!

Yes… the birthday has finally arrived.  In anticipation of Little V’s 22nd, we started planning the most epic of roommate blog posts. We coordinated outfits for an ENTIRE week.  And had a lot of fun doing it!!!  That’s probably one of the best parts of rooming together- double the clothes 🙂  (For the record, we do…


Little V!

Little V came to Tampa!!! Tampa was the last stop on her world-wide tour…. London, California, Montana, TAMPA!  After spending multiple nights outdoors- and sometimes without even a tent- Little V got to enjoy the comforts of South Tampa… aka shopping, swimming, and eating. We did the outlets in Orlando (complete with a trip to…


I miss Little V

Little V graduated on Saturday. And I miss her. {and even Lookie Pookie…. and Helbelle.} and Ben, too. Oh, and Tucker. Did I miss anyone else from the house???  Maybe the 14 carbon monoxide detecters.  No, I don’t miss those. Next year is just not going to be the same without Little V!  She’s heading…



There is an adorable cafe in Georgetown where you can get the most amazing Nutella lattes- iced or hot. The dilemma: they hit your wallet hard at $5 each.  Determined to have access to cheap Nutella lattes everyday, Little V set out to find out their recipe. You will need: 1 Espresso Maker (Krups sells…


LITTLE V: Yoga, Yoga!

I made Little V write this post even though she’s been sick as a (down) dog! ***** In one issue of Prep Talk, Carly provided all of us with the wonderful advice of her rowing coach: “Focus on the Task at Hand.”   When I, like Carly, have a thousand thoughts streaming around in my head, and…


{Needlepoint Belts} Guest Post by LITTLE V!

by Little V I don’t really remember how I first got involved in making needlepoint belts- but I do know that my best friends from the barn and I used to spend our sleepovers needlepointing…when we were 12.   When I was learning how to needlepoint, I started with handpainted canvases.  I don’t have this…


Guest Post by LITTLE V!

Little V’s Stack (CP sidenote: she’s also on twitter now muahahaha… next step, starting her blog… It WILL happen. Puppies & Ponies perhaps?) A twist on your traditional “stacks”.  My absolute favorite stack consists of 3 pieces.  I always wear them when I head into my internship every Friday at the Carbon War Room.  The first…


Overseas Update from Little V!

Have you missed Little V as much as I have?!?  We gchat regularly, but it’s just not the same!  I miss taking “study breaks” and shopping on M St.  I miss eating dinner together.  I miss listening to the Country Strong soundtrack on repeat.  I especially miss our outfit coordinations!!! Little V’s Update from Oxford….


Nantucket with Little V (plus video!)

If you’ve been a longtime TCP reader, you’ll definitely remember my friend Victoria, also known as “Little V.” She and I were great friends in college and roomed together my junior year. She graduated a year before me and my senior year was 100% not as fun without her on campus!!! Victoria was overseas getting…