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I’ve been in Hoboken for one full week! It’s gone by so quickly, which I think is a good thing. It already feels pretty normal. It hasn’t been a completely smooth transition… I miss (driving) my car, and my old gym, the good washing machines, and the dogs’ boarding place. We’ve also had some issues with the apartment that range from annoying (like a chirping smoke detector sealed into the ceiling) to problematic (like a few leaks…..).

Otherwise though? Things are good. I’ve already started shopping around gyms and completed workouts every day. One of the things I was trying to avoid was moving here and being afraid to go to a gym and falling out of a routine, so I’m proud of myself for crossing that right off the list! Having a backyard might be the absolute best part though. Nothing better than opening the door and letting the dogs out first thing in the morning while wearing pajamas! Having a dedicated office space is also amazing! Having a room that is separate from the rest of the apartment definitely helps me get in the right “working” and “non-working” Headspace.

I think the number one question I’ve been getting is to do an apartment tour. I will eventually down the road… I’m still very much in the “making it a home” process. After that, people have been asking about the transition to living together. Honestly? Doesn’t feel like a big deal at all, in the best way possible. Easy, really. I’m sure things will come up along the way, but we’re both pretty direct communicators (for better or for worse ha!) so we’ll address whatever we need to as it comes up.


Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Orange Wallpaper

My plan is to wallpaper one of the walls of my office so I’ve been poring over websites looking for good (removable) options. I was looking for something blue and floral, but I might be changing the whole direction so I can use this orange wallpaper. I’m obsessed with it.

TWO // Carly the Prepster Facebook Group

I know this might look like a shameless plug for my own Facebook group… and it might be, just a little 😉 But I have been so unbelievably blown away by the responses in there. If you need advice about something, want to connect with girls who live nearby (or far away too!), seek recommendations for an upcoming trip… or just want to share something cool. I’ve been popping in a few times a day to see what’s going on and the sincerity of everyone’s enthusiasm is refreshing.

THREE // Short Sleeve Pajama Set

Despite not letting myself purchase any more pajama sets, it hasn’t stopped me from looking. I love the dainty floral print on this set of short sleeve pajamas!

FOUR // The Brain Changing Benefits of Exercise 

Remember how I said I was starting my work day with a TED Talk? I still am and it truly has been a wonderful way to kickstart my brain every morning. This TED Talk about the benefits that exercising has on the brain was pretty great. It’s short and sweet and the speaker has incredible energy. She is very passionate about studying effects on the brain and clearly brilliant. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

FIVE // Navy Tulip Sleeve Tee

My FAVORITE statement t-shirt now comes in a navy! Here are a few old posts on how I styled the white version: Black & White, with jeans, and with a fuzzy vest!

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I love the orange wall paper. It’s like a little slice of “home” (Florida) in your home!


Isn’t it amazing having a designated office space to work in?! That was one requirement when my husband and I were shopping for our current home. Cannot wait for a tour of the new digs one day.


The Hoboken SoulCycle is amazing! I also hear good things about fit foundry. For restaurants, I would highly recommend Otto Strada, Antique Bakery, Bin 14 and Anthony Davids.


Love that you are sharing this journey!! The idea of starting your day with a TED talk is brilliant! Also I didn’t know you had a Facebook group, I just requested to join! Happy gym hunting!

Erin Lucy

I love Draper James pajamas. They always have the best prints. It is too tempting! I also love that orange wallpaper. It definitely not something I would usually look for but those are so pretty!



Just joined the facebook group and loving it! Wondering where you got that adorable desk calendar in your photo

Lauren Alston

Carly, congrats on the move! I just wallpapered one of my walls and went with a pink marble which I love! The Lulu & Georgia orange print you linked is super cute – reminds me of Ann Patchett’s Commonwealth book cover 🙂


AH It totally reminds me of that too! I’m reading that book right now and couldn’t figure out why it seemed so familiar. It’s so good!


I’m in love with the lemon wallpaper in Gray Benko’s daughter’s bedroom! I’m dreaming of the day when I can hang some in my apartment.


So glad things are going well for you. Thanks for keeping us updated. I am excited to be a part of your facebook group. I’m not active on FB at all but this gives me a reason to be! I have so many of the same things on my desk. I just love that calendar! I have the corresponding organizer. Happy Saturday!


Omg I just moved to Hoboken a week ago too!! Are you going to be doing a meet-up? I’ve been a follower for a while and would love to meet you in person/more people who are blog readers in the area! 🙂