ON MY RADAR 9.15.23

I can’t believe it’s Friday already? This week flew by in a blur– I barely know which way is up! I’m hoping our days start settling into a routine because I feel so discombobulated. Jack crushed his first couple of days at preschool and we had lots of fun enjoying time at the park together, too! D

Here’s what was on my radar this week:

ONE // Adult Friendships vs. Kids

If you’ve been on the internet this week, you’ve probably come across this Cut article discussing the possibility (impossibility?) of maintaining friendships in adulthood when people start having kids. It was interesting to see the different takes in different groups I’m in online and how they differed between where people were located, if most people had or didn’t have kids, and how old they/their kids are. It definitely brought up interesting perspectives and discussions!

TWO // Suede Cap Toe Flats

Oh wow!! I was looking for a similar flat to link to on LTK and stumbled on these gorgeous suede cap toe flats. I love all the color combinations, but especially the natural suede. A beautiful option for fall! (And the black patent leather is also stunning, too.)

THREE // Pickle Lovers’ Puff Pastry Pizza with Hot Honey

I don’t think a single recipe has ever spoken to me as much as this one has. Pickles. Puff Pastry. AND hot honey?! This would be such a fun game day recipe. Pickles are one of my very favorite foods so I know I would love this.

FOUR // Tuckernuck’s Fall Lifestyle Guide

Absolutely loving Tuckernuck’s latest fall lifestyle guide. I always love to see how they curate different brands, with their own mixed in. Always classic styles presented in a modern way, too. I want every piece of clothing and to hop in a canoe stat.

FIVE // J. Crew’s Forty Years of American Style Book

Ummm…. this coffee table book celebrating J. Crew’s fortieth anniversary might be a must! I want to flip through the pages and get all the inspiration. Especially after reading Kingdom of Prep, I’m even more interested in seeing all the imagery.

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I really enjoyed the Cut article on friendships vs kids! As someone in the midst of the “to have kids or not to have kids” discussions with my husband, and our growing number of friends with kids, it really hit home. Thank you for sharing!


So glad that you shared the CUT article about friends with and without kids! As a childfree woman who is entering the phase where friends are starting to have kids I really enjoyed seeing both sides. I also loved the note that said like “my mom friends don’t ask what they can do, they just offer” and immediately texted my pregnant friend offering weekends to visit and help cook and prep for her baby. To offer specifics instead of just “if you ever need anything let me know” direct communication wins again!