August was a great end to a whirlwind summer. We had family time at the lake, celebrated Jack’s second birthday, and spent lots of time playing outside. As summer winds down, I’m enjoying the return to routine, feeling like I’m back in my groove work-wise, and very excited for fall!

What I Bought on Amazon in August

Toss and Catch Ball Set // This is such a fun backyard game to play with toddlers and provides hours of entertainment!

Plug-In Fly Trap // These plug-in fly traps have been a lifesaver for catching pesky gnats.

Hair Clip // I decided to give the Teleties claw clip a try and I love it. It holds so much hair. (I’ve broken many a claw clip trying to get all my hair secured!) Plus I love the shape and color.

Hello Lighthouse Book // This children’s book is so charming and has been highly requested by Jack for his bedtime reading since it arrived.

Leather Desk Pad Protector // This is one of my favorite purchases for my new office. I love having a comfortable resting surface for my hands while writing, typing, and using my mouse.

iMac Cord Hub // This cord hub for my iMac has been so handy when working, and I love always having an outlet within reach.

Kid’s Thermos Straw Bottle // I can’t believe my little guy started preschool! I had to get him all the essentials for the big day, including a new backpack and water bottle.

Tom Lake by Ann Patchett // My favorite book of the month and up there as one of the best of the year! I will read anything Ann Patchett writes and I think this is her best novel yet– or at least my favorite of hers.

Christmas Orphans Club by Becca Freeman // My friend Becca’s book comes out on September 26th and I’m so excited!! Go preorder it now if you haven’t already!

Tank Tops // Stocked up on a couple of basic tanks I can wear under tops throughout my pregnancy.

Sunglasses // I ordered a dupe of my favorite Celine sunglasses to test out in black. Although the quality is obviously not the same, they’re a pretty good option if you want to get the look for under $20.


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That Themos brand bottle is the BEST! Not only is it leak proof and easy for kids to unlock/lock on their own – it’s narrow enough to fit in stroller and carseat cup holders!! (if you know, you know). It’s pretty much the only water bottle I’ll buy now