ON MY RADAR 9.2.22

Happy Friday everyone! We are heading down the shore either tonight or tomorrow morning (tbd on how we feel after work!) for the weekend. I usually dread Labor Day weekend because it means summer is over, but I’m weirdly feeling okay with it right now. A few of Jack’s activities start back up and I’m excited to get back into a routine with him.

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // The Perfect Couple on Netflix

My favorite (!!!) Elin Hilderbrand novel was just picked up by Netflix for a 6-episode series. I. Cannot. Wait. If you haven’t read The Perfect Couple yet, you must. I’m tempted to read it again just to refresh my memory. I cannot wait to see it come to life on screen and just as excited to see who they cast for the roles!

TWO // Puff Sleeve Corset Dress

We have a wedding coming up at the end of the month and I haven’t been super inspired by what I fit into in my closet… I bought this dress and I really hope it works! I love the green so much and I have some good shoe options for it too. Feels perfect for a late summer wedding by the beach.

THREE // “I Learned A System for Remembering Everything”

Do you wish you could retain information better? This is such a fascinating video about a system for remembering information, specifically from reading. I don’t read paper books much anymore… but maybe I should? I will say when I listen to audiobooks, I tend to remember things better? It’s like I can “hear” the words in my head when I need to recall pieces from the book. (I also find myself telling Mike interesting facts as I go through books and that helps things stick better too!)

FOUR // Styling Cream

I need to share this styling cream from dae. I’ve been using it to tame my flyaways and love it so much. My hair tends to get greasy if I use creams so I use the tiniest bit of this and smooth it down with this comb situation and it works like a charm! I had tried hair spray before but it looked too crunchy, the cream just makes them lay flat in a more natural looking way. You could totally use more of it to get the “clean girl aesthetic” TikTok look too.

FIVE // Hidden Children’s Library

This is the absolute sweetest addition to Elsie Larson’s home: A Narnia inspired wardrobe that leads to a cozy reading nook. My inner child was squealing when I scrolled through this blog post. I wanted to climb right through the wardrobe myself…. genius!

PS A bonus! Minnow Swim just launched a sale that’s open through Labor Day! Perfect time to stock up on swimsuits for next year!

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I hope that dress works for you! I picked up the pink for a wedding at the end of the month and I looked like a bad interpretation of an 80s prom dress 😂 but I have a short torso so it hit me all wrong. Fingers crossed it works for you because it’s lovely!


I would die if I ever had a Narnia closet with a book nook on the other side. I absolutely love it!


Oh I just love that Narnia-inspired reading nook! I just loved those books as a kid. I read The Perfect Couple awhile back, but didn’t really care for it honestly. I could see it making a good mini-series, though.