DIARY No. 81

Here’s what the past two weeks have looked like according to my camera roll!

I had my first full 24 hours away from Jack. The daytime wasn’t so bad because of daycare…. but I was quite nervous about not spending the night with him! I had a feeling he would be totally fine (he was with Mike). I was totally worried about myself though 😉 I spent the day distracting myself with a trip to the coffee shop, a workout, a long walk with the dogs and….

HARRY STYLES. I’m still on cloud nine from the concert, honestly. It was so, so good.

Remember how I was interested in getting a pair of red flats? I finally did it! I got the Margaux demi ballet flats since they are my favorite. They are the best quality and super comfortable.

New bag alert! I got this bucket bag and I am obsessed. It’s great for moms too if you want something that isn’t a diaper bag but holds enough things for a quick outing. It’s navy suede on one side and black leather on the back so it can go with pretty much everything. Also… these scarves! You can get two for under $12!

Last week, our daycare was closed for one of our designated days and Jack decided he didn’t want to take his first nap. I took him to our gym which (!!!) offers 90 minute babysitting. He got to play and I squeezed in a workout and, most importantly, a shower. I even had time to blow dry my hair and I kind of felt like I unlocked a new level of mom life.

Mike and I had a double date with our friends at Summit House. It’s one of my favorite restaurants in the area because it doesn’t feel like a suburban restaurant… it feels like a “real” night out.

This boy. He is just such a JOY. He loves to play and it’s a lot of work to keep him entertained but it’s also the best thing ever.

My friends at Minnie and Emma sent me a phone case and I’m loving the simplicity!

It’s been incredibly hot hot hot here. Can’t deny the beauty of late summer though!

Mike and I snuck in a quick game of tennis during his lunch break last week. I’m terrible! It’s so much fun though and was a great way to work up a little sweat.

I finished these needlepoint canvases (Riley Sheehey x Plum Stitchery) last summer and finally got around to finishing them. I ended up doing it myself. I even filmed a Reel for it on my stitch account. I had custom linen mats cut (just message the seller with what you’re looking for) and popped them into these affordable yet stunning gold frames.

Reese’s came out with FOOTBALL shapes! It’s really just egg shaped (the packaging is misleading IMO)…. but since eggs are the superior shape, I am thrilled. Consider me officially excited for football season now 🤣.

My boys brought me breakfast in bed for my birthday! An almond croissant– my absolute favorite– and a hot cup of coffee! The best!!

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