On My Radar (it’s Thursday, don’t worry!)

Today’s On My Radar post is coming a day early because I have a sponsored post scheduled for tomorrow. I always get some panicked messages when people think it’s Friday because of the usual scheduling!

This week, so far, has been moving pretty quickly. Between moving at the beginning of the month and then going out of the country, my routine has been pretty out of whack. I think that’s the worst part of the move so far… just having to reestablish “the norm.” As expected, living with my boyfriend has been great and pretty normal right off the bat. We’re still dealing with apartment issues (the list shrinks by one and grows by one at the same pace it seems) and I’m trying to orient myself in a new city.


Another picture from the Bahamas. You know, this could totally be our album cover 😉

ONE // How Stage IV Cancer Taught Me to Live

I’ve reread this a handful of times since it was published and I keep going back. It’s poignant and inspiring. I will definitely be picking up a copy of her memoir.

TWO // Vegan Easter Bunny Pops

Ummm how cute are these Vegan Easter Bunny Pops? I might rope one of my friends into making them for Easter with me.

THREE // The Feminist Legacy of the Babysitter’s Club

I have loved The Babysitter’s Club books for as long as I can remember. I even joined a “reading club” during a scholastic book fair where you got a new book mailed to you every month or something like that? I had the books, the VHS tapes of the episodes, the movies, etc. The series absolutely influenced me in my life.

FOUR // Calfhair Loafer

I am constantly going through my wardrobe and paring down what I have. I’m pretty good about clothes, but shoes have been particularly hard for me! I am attached to my shoes, even if I haven’t worn them in a while!! I certainly don’t need new shoes too– I have more than enough. But these little loafers look beautiful!

FIVE // Theresa Losa

This new-to-me artist has the most beautiful and fun pieces of art. I’m so into the style and colors!

SIX // Chicken Finger Thursday

This is such a fluff newspaper article, but as an alumna of Georgetown, it still made me smile! Chicken Finger Thursdays were the best days! I sent this to a few of my friends and it sparked some fun nostalgic conversations!

SEVEN // Lin-Manuel Miranda & Ben Platt’s Found Tonight

You guys know I love Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen. And as if I couldn’t love Lin-Manuel or Ben Platt more, they teamed up to do a mashup that benefits the March For Our Lives. Obviously worth a download on both accounts.

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Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

I wish it was Friday haha. My circadian rhythm has been out of whack since spring break last week, so this week so far has been tiring! Good luck with your apartment and with finding your new normal! // Love Theresa Losa’s work! I used to swim competitively so I’m partial to the theme of that collection :3 // oh my god I LOVE the chicken fingers at my campus too // asdfghjkl Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen are two musicals I haven’t yet watched but have been dying to for forever. When I saw Lin-Manuel Miranda share the collab on his Facebook, I jumped on it right away! Two beautiful souls for a great cause :’) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s


so many great things in this post!! That article was the perfect reminder to e n j o y life on this snowy March day! thanks Carly!


I heard Kate Bowler’s interview on Fresh Air a week or two ago! It was SO good – would highly recommend it if you haven’t heard it yet! I can’t wait to pick up a copy of her book.

Erin Droese

#1 – I caught that article on Cup of Jo, too! Ordered the book and just got it yesterday. Read just a few chapters and it’s already rocking my world! You must read it!
#5 – I’ve been really into finding new artists to follow lately and LOVE Theresa Losa’s work. Thanks for introducing her work!


Have you heard of the podcast “The Babysitters’ Club Club”? It’s two guys that read one book per episode and discuss. So funny and lighthearted! I highly recommend.


Thanks for the great BSC article! It’s been YEARS since I read any of the books but the show is currently on Hulu! Every BSC book that had a Bernese Mountain Dog on the cover we HAD to get (according to Mom) since we had one as well. When reading that article the author points out that they chose Claudia’s room because of a landline but nah, let’s be real here. They chose it because she had her OWN landline. Who had that at 13??? 😀


I went to American University, many years ago and while I don’t remember a particular day, when the dining hall had chicken patties for lunch, everyone seemed to talk about it on campus. Thanks for stirring up that memory!

Catie M.

YES YES YES to chicken finger Thursday’s. Such a fun surprise to bring me back to life on the hilltop!!


The article about the Baby-Sitters Club made my week! Those were my favorite books as a child!