(I’m bumping up this post on our basement playroom design because our mat is 20% off and I needed you all to take advantage of the sale because it is a crucial, game changer for the playroom!)

Guys I can’t even believe this is in our house 🤣. Our house is perfectly sized for us, but our first floor is very open concept and every square inch of our upstairs is accounted for. Since Jack is getting bigger and needs a little bit more space to actually play (versus just having an activity mat on the floor that he can plop down on), prioritizing a space for him was so important to me. I wanted him to have an actual playroom where he can make a mess and have fun without me worrying about what our family room floor looks like.

Our basement has been transformed into his playroom for a few weeks now and Jack LOVES it. It was kind of a lot of work (my mom helped a ton) getting things into storage and figuring out how to make it safe (and yes, cute). I can say with certainty it was worth it. Every morning Jack walks to the basement door so we can go down and play! Nothing makes me happier!!

A few things about the basement playroom design:

Our basement has a small semi-finished section in the middle with unfinished sections completely surrounding it. Our washer and dryer is in the unfinished portion, extra kitchen supplies, and out of season clothing is stored down there as well. The semi-finished section is completely closed off from the storage section by doors so it feels very safe having him down there. (Obviously with us down there supervising– he’s only 14 months old– but he can utilize the whole space as he pleases!)

I also wanted a basement playroom design he could grow into more over time, considering what other stages of childhood, including potentially other babies.

Our (Realistic) Basement Playroom Design

basement playroom design with house of noa play mat

The basement playroom design is simple…. but also perfect for us!

The previous owners finished the basement with a vinyl flooring and it’s great for kids and dogs– scratch resistant and stain resistant. I had tried to make the space work with just a rug and a small play mat….. but it quickly became apparent that I needed the whole play area covered!! Jack is on the move and he is rough and tumble. Emphasis on the tumble!

I have a House of Noa mat in our kitchen that Mike and I are both obsessed with so the House of Noa play mat was a no brainer. They kindly gifted us the mats and I have to say, they make the ENTIRE PLAYROOM. Like it doesn’t even look like the same basement. It’s cohesive and attractive and also incredibly functional. A win/win for me! The design is so genius– it’s a foam mat that pieces together like big puzzle pieces– and can be configured into so many different shapes and sizes. Whatever your room looks like!

It took no time for my mom and I to put it together. I think we were both expecting it to be an entire afternoon, but it really just clicks together. You do the big pieces and then add the edges to create the clean edges.

basement playroom design featuring Lalo x West Elm Kids The Play Kit

Lalo gifted Jack this table and chair set….. guys it couldn’t be cuter! Such a fun element of our basement playroom design. Jack loves to sit in his little chair and play with cars and puzzles. It kills me.

kids toy storage pillowfort metal stackable bin basement playroom design featuring house of noa play mat and Lalo x West Elm Kids The Play Kit WONDER & WISE BY ASWEETS Stay-At-Home Play-At-Home Activity Gym and house of noa play mat

CUSTOMIZED PLAY MAT (c/o, 20% off right now) // TABLE AND CHAIRS (c/o)



(PS Don’t be fooled! The playroom gets wrecked every day. I try to tidy it up every day before we do bedtime, but this is as pristine as it gets for photos.)


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This is SO realistic, and I so appreciate you sharing! It’s simple, but clearly works and has lots of options for playing 🙂

Laura Gregory

This is the cutest room! We also had a finished basement and I have so many fond memories playing down there – hope you and Jack will have the same 🙂


Omg! We have the exact same House of Noa mat for our nine month old daughter and could not love it more. Your playroom looks fantastic. Also thank you for sharing the playpen idea!

Leslie Fussell

Love your boy style!! Any chance you have links/post for Jack’s bedroom? Getting ready for baby boy #2 coming April ‘24! Thank you’