Senior Ball… Help!

The night before graduation here at Georgetown, there’s a senior ball. 
I’m probably going to wear a long dress and I’ve narrowed it down to the J. Crew Taryn dress. While I’m not the biggest fan of strapless dresses, I do love the cut and style of this particular one.
Which color do you think I should go with? I’m leaning towards the grey! I feel like it’s dressy and snazzy. (Plus it’d be easy to accessorize!)
I also really like the shape of this dress, although I’m not sure it’s dressy enough.

I like the blue too… and the back… oh, the back!
Eep! As exciting as it is, I’m a little daunted by the whole dress-hunting process. (Hello, I’ve got the job-hunting thing on my mind and it’s 100% taking precedent.)
I’m completely open to suggestions… let me know if you know of a brand/dress that I absolutely must check out!

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Any of those colors would look great! I think they grey is very sophisticated and you'd have tons of options for accessorizing. Maybe with the Kate Spade Charm heels perhaps?


BCBG has some GREAT dresses for formals. during my senior year of high school i wore a bcbg dress to homecoming and prom.
i would highly recommend checking out some of their dresses
i wore this dress
but in navy (i don't think they have that anymore) but i absolutely love the dress and plan on keeping it for as long as possible.
i do loove those jcrew dress though!
have fun!


You might want to also look at the Arabelle dress from J.Crew – it's a similar cut but because it is not an empire waistline, it doesn't make you look pregnant (which even my size 2 friend did when she wore it for a wedding).


The second one is cute too – I don't think 'formal' these days necessarily means a long dress is required.


Both dresses are beautiful! I'm also in the process of looking for a dress…it's for a charity auction which I'm organizing, so I need to be able to 'work' in the dress.


I got the long grey dress for prom last year and returned it. It is a beautiful dress and I love the way that it fit and the color was so fun too..the only problem was the top. It made my chest look very small and just looked kind of awkward. It just didn't stay up that well and I was always pulling it up. If I were you I would order it and try it on before you make your final decision!

Catherine Hathaway

I would encourage you to take a bit of a risk- you say you do not care for strapless but I think the blue or the coral strapless Taryn dress would look really great with your dark hair and fair skin tone and going strapless-while it is out of your comfort zone-it isn't outlandish by any stretch. This dress is definitely tasteful and sophisticated. The short blue dress is adorable but certainly not dressy enough for a ball.

Amy H.

I love the royal blue Taryn!! I think the color would go so well with your skin tone and hair color. I like that it's a long dress – how often is it appropriate to wear a long dress after high school dances have finished up?! I'd jump at the chance to wear a long dress 🙂


The gray dress would look great with a statement necklace or a fabulous pair of earrings – I think turquoise would be so fun!


Love the grey maxi! I am just obsessed with that dove grey lately. I just got two flowey tops and a wrap top dress!
You can pair it with any color, and it looks especially great with bright jewel tones!

Luis Alcaraz

It is a great dress, and very hard to chose. The pink salmon looks great with nude shoes or gold sandals. The blue is amazing and the safest choice.



The grey. Definitely. You could do pops of colors with the accessories. Teal. Purple. Royal Blue. It'll make you stand out in a tasteful way.

Eat Cake

Megan H.

Have you ever tried Rent the Runway? Another blog suggested that site to a girl who was also looking for a more formal dress. I would love to try it, but I just haven't had an occasion that needed a formal dress. Just throwing it out there…

Laura Adamson

the gray would look great for the occasion, but gray is not the best color on fair skinned people. I would go for the navy or the royal blue.


the first one! blue all the way it is spring time and one of your last chances to make a statement and be remember but also classy


I wore the grey dress in the "Arabelle" form (slightly different top) and I highly recommend it!! It looks really elegant on and will never go out of style. I would definitely go with the grey because it is such an event-neutral color. I tried the coral one as well and found it washed me out too much. Good luck!

Sara Grace

I have the Taryn in spiced wine – such a great dress! The Sloane is beautiful, though! I'd probably go with the Taryn in any colour, but I'm partial to the navy! 🙂