Summer Beach Bags

We’re having some serious beach weather here. I have plans to put our beach pass to good use this weekend. Even for a few hours at the beach, I like to have some essentials on hand: sunscreen, a towel, a book, a bottle of water and a snack, maybe a change of clothes. I hate feeling like a bag lady, but I also don’t want to forget something I might need. (Especially that sunscreen.)
I love a fun beach bag– especially one that can double as a tote with regular outfits. Here are some of my picks for the summer:

What’s your fave?

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I hate feeling like a bag lady too! I hate having too many bags especially for the beach which wouldn't get much use so having a bag that can do double duty is essential! Loving that Kate Spade Escape bag.

Jen | The Emerald Girl

Tori A.

That "Escape the Ordinary" bag is too cute! Cute beach bags are sort of hard to come by, but these are all adorable!

Tori A. from Prep For A Day