The Perfect Button Up

If you take one peek into my closet, one thing becomes abundantly apparent: I love a good button up. Over the years I have honed in a few great ones. (My favorite is one from Joe Fresh, which apparently is no longer in the United States.) I have a bunch of different styles depending on how I’m planning on wearing it– slim for tucking in, cute collars for layering under sweaters, etc.

I kept getting ads for AYR on Facebook. I kept clicking on them and admiring the shirts and then they’d follow me around the internet essentially taunting me. These button downs intrigued me. (Even Oprah was spotting wearing one.) I finally broke down and ordered a white and a blue kind of hoping I’d hate it so I could stop obsessing over it online and get my money back after returning. Well, spoiler alert: I LOVE THE BUTTON UPS.

They are definitely designed for an oversized fit… but like oversized in a *just right* kind of way. I’ve been wearing them a bunch while at home. They look great with skinny jeans as a tunic… and would even be cute with leggings. The shirts are long enough to fully cover your butt. And there’s something so flattering about how the side swoops up. I also plan on wearing mine over bathing suits as a coverup too.

I got a ton of questions about these when I posted about it on my Story. I’m wearing an XS… and if you’re in between sizes I’d go down, not up. A few people said it reminded them of Elizabeth James from The Parent Trap, which I loved 😉

Button Up // Earrings // Jeans // Shoes (30% Off)

PS I also got this black dress and it’s a winner too!

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One of the best recommendations I’ve gotten from you, Carly. I got the blue and white in XS and love love love them. I agree on the sizing, I’m not usually an XS and it’s plenty big in the best way. I can wear it and feel slightly dressed up for work, but also feel like I should grab an easel and start painting!


I love your style! But your recommendations seem to be on the high end usually. Which don’t get me wrong, if you can afford that go for it but as you are considering and reflecting on your blog content that you mentioned you were doing, I’d love to see more considerations for income levels and accessibility for your recommendations. A post about styling more budget pieces (from Marshalls, Old Navy, Target, etc)!