Thursday Edition: On My Radar

There are going to be back to back Thursday On My Radar posts. Apologies for the break in tradition. Tomorrow I’m sharing one of the dresses from Julia’s new collection (you will LOVE it) and next Friday is a sponsored post (another dress you’ll love!).

I am going to have to schedule in a post next week just to brag on my friends. I know everyone says that college is supposed to be the best time of your life, but I disagree. I don’t know if anything can compare to this 25-35 decade. We’ve shed (some of) the fear of the unknown and everyone is getting their footing in the real world. Watching your best friends lay the foundation for their future and building lives we’re proud of is just so amazing. I can’t think of anything better, really.

Bluestone LaneOkay here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Gingham Bow Earrings

These gingham bow earrings 😍 Pearl earrings alone are a good idea, but with the gingham bow? Perfection.

TWO // “My Favorite Moment of Our Wedding”

Even though I have ZERO desire to ever have a wedding, I looooove other people’s weddings! I’m that person who watches over-the-top proposal videos and the documentary-style wedding videos until I cry. (My sister and I share the best ones with each other.) I always enjoy reading Cup of Jo’s pieces on wedding and this one was no exception. I love that their favorite parts of the wedding were simple, can’t-plan-or-pay-for moments.

THREE // Fit and Flare Cami Dress

Remember the floral dress I wore last month? It’s available in a blue and white striped version! Looks a bit like seersucker and I imagine it’d be perfect throughout the summer. Also, it’s very affordable at $32!

FOUR // Grace VanderWaal “Clearly”

The reimagined “I Can See Clearly Now” song is beautiful. It’s been incredible to watch Grace VanderWaal grow into her style/voice after winning America’s Got Talent in 2016. She is such a talented artist.

FIVE // Dollar Store Challenge

I have a pretty bad habit of watching Youtube videos. After realizing I was watching way too many, I forced myself to cut back. I still watch a little here and there though and I have a couple of channels that I follow somewhat regularly. There’s a video challenge trending right now where photographers go into a Dollar Store to get props for photos. The creativity is unreal, but the photographers in this particular video do it the best I think!

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Would love to know why you don’t want a wedding! Are you more of a city hall type of person, or do you not want to get married? Either way I’d love to hear why 🙂


I’ve just never wanted one! Seems like a lot of money and time for one day and I think people get consumed by the wedding and forget about the marriage part.

Danielle | Along for Adventure

I totally get not wanting a wedding – my husband and I eloped in September and it was the best decision ever! No one knew it was happening beforehand so we got to focus on just us.

Even still, I totally cry at proposals/weddings/etc EVERY TIME. Even if I don’t know the people!


Just looked at Julia’s lookbook, and saw a dress that seemed so you. Of course it was called Carly! Love that she named a dress for you!(Also, LOVE the dress!) ❤️


I completely agree, Kay! I got excited when I saw a cute blue gingham dress, but got even more excited when I saw for whom it was named! A Carly dress! Absolute perfection. It may be in my closet very soon.


Could you do a post on why you wouldn’t want a wedding? That’s so far from the norm- I’m interested to learn why!

Emma Koski

The blurb you have in here about the 25-35 decade being a great part of life is exactly what I needed to hear right now in my life. I am wrapping up my last week of my freshmen year of college and am feeling a little bittersweet about how fast it has gone. Such a great reminder that life keeps getting better!


I’m so surprised to hear you don’t want a wedding!! Do you want to get married? If you’re comfortable sharing, I’d love to read a post about your reasons!