Stripes for Days

I’m starting this post with an embarrassing story. While external work stuff has slowed quite a bit, it hasn’t completely ended. I still have calls about potential partnerships, my management team and I text/email constantly, and there are various touch-point meetings to go over briefs and campaign deliverables and what not. This isn’t new…. they’re either in person in NYC (obviously not anymore) or phone calls.

Two weeks ago I had one of these calls. I got the invite with the dial in, RSVP’d yes, and copied it to my calendar. Day of, I finish a workout, throw on a sweatshirt over my sports bra slick my hair back into a bun (planning on taking a shower right after the call)…. and dial the number in the invite. I was taking the call from our bedroom because Mike was leading a virtual meeting downstairs. On the phone, I confessed that I was working from bed because it was such a rainy day and we were all talking about work-from-home and how it can be nice. Then the brand wanted to show slides, so I clicked the link on the calendar invite to see the screen… and apparently it was video because my web cam launched. Guys, I was mortified. Everyone laughed it off and I said, “Well I’m glad I already confessed I was working from my bedroom because I would have been caught red handed otherwise!” But sheesh! (Now we’re making it very clear whether a call if video or phone.)

I say all this because this top I’m about to share would be perfect for WFH video calls. I WISH I HAD BEEN WEARING THIS AND NOT THE STUPID SWEATSHIRT. This top is really cute and looks very put together… but is also super comfortable.

This is actually the same as the suede top you saw me wear quite a bit in the fall/winter. I think it’s such a flattering cut. The shoulders are perfect, the neckline is just right, and the way the sides are darted gives you the nicest lines.

 Striped Shirt // Jeans // Sandals

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Sorry about that– they must have only been on sale this weekend when I wrote the draft


I’m a 2nd grade teacher, teaching my kiddos “virtually” now — using Zoom as the video platform… oh my goodness, the kids certainly come “dressed” in unique ways… if they are even fully clothed at all! They’ll start doing hand stands, hold up every toy they have to the web cam, hand their tablet to their mom as they jump into the pool….!


Carly, is this shirt see-through at all, and could you comment about the thickness of the material? Sometimes I worry about that in summer shirts. Thanks!


Carly – you look beautiful in these photos. Also, thanks for sharing the story! What a laugh.


Do a quick search on “webcam covers” on Amazon! They’re super cheap and work so well! I’ve been using the same ones on my phone and laptop for over a year now. They’re great for peace of mind.


I have one on my other laptop… and just never did it for my new one! REGRETTING IT hahaha

Maitland Frilot

I love love love this top! I have it in the bone suede, the red suede, a silk print, and this color way! I wasn’t quick enough to get it in any of the other suede versions but needless to say this is my go-to top! Thanks for introducing me to it!


Trick if you are unsure if it is a video/no video meeting: use your iPad and have it aimed at the ceiling at first. Then you can play dumb and swap the video off really fast!


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