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With not much going on, I stuck to a fairly comfortable and casual wardrobe while I was taking a break from my blog. I was loving waking up every morning and not thinking about what to wear, instead just grabbing a clean pair of leggings and a comfy top.

LAST WEEK’S WIN: Well, it was more like a “past few weeks’ win,” but being able to really step away from my laptop was a huge win for me. By mid-December I felt the familiar end-of-year burnout creeping in. Besides just generally taking time off, a big win for me was having guilt-free time to just sit in bed or on the couch and watch tv during naptimes. It felt so good!

THIS WEEK’S GOAL: The least sexy part of my job… I want to finalize my bookkeeping and get it queued up for my accountants. Exciting! It’s my least favorite thing to do every year, but I always feel immense relief checking it off as early as possible.


We all were feeling a little stir crazy at home. It seemed like we were the only people to not get COVID over the holidays, but we hadn’t done much. We decided to take a quick trip to Barnes and Noble to see my book on the shelves! It’s a 20 minute drive each way and we just popped in quickly– but it was just enough time outside of the house. I put on jeans for the occasion!

Similar sweater blazer





A few of Mike’s siblings came over for a little football watching in the afternoon. It was a low-key hangout that ended well before midnight. (I was asleep by 10pm!) Mike and I have a tradition of doing copycat Chick Fil A sandwiches and I always look forward to it!

Sweater (c/o)




I wore these ALL DAY. I did nothing and felt a bit like a bump on a log, but took advantage of one last “no work” day to the fullest extent.

Lounge Set (c/o)


This was technically the last day of vacation, but I did a little bit of work in the afternoon. I call it “skimming the surface.” Basically it just helps get some low hanging fruit tasks off my plate so I go into Monday not as overwhelmed! I also did some good organization around the house.




We hit the ground running with the regularly scheduled programming. An exciting part of the day was photographing Jack’s nursery with Julia! This has been on my to-do list for a while and it felt sooooo good to finally get it done. I’m really happy with how the nursery looks so I can’t wait to share it with you…

Similar sweater

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Elspeth, if I ever have a blog, I would hope to have someone as kind and responsive as you reading it. I always notice how your replies are always so sweet and encouraging. The world needs more people like you! Sending you and Carly best wishes for 2022.

Debra Coglianese

I learned of your Instagram account from my daughter and want you to know that I have thoroughly enjoyed following your journey over the last two years. And, two very challenging years at that! Carly, you are doing fine!

Five years ago, I enrolled in the online program 7 Steps to Style created by Imogen Lamport. Along with the amazing information gained in the course, I have had the opportunity to connect with women from all over the world. One of the common themes is that the stylishness many felt during early adult years seemed to vanish while raising young children. Many have shared that they wish they had known about 7 Steps earlier.

You would love it there. You’d get great reinforcement about letting your hair gray as well as learn what adjustments you might need to make in your color palette and, specifically, your value contrast. (Imogen’s system uses 18 color palettes and she has an ingenious method to identify one’s best choice.)

Perhaps enrolling in 7 Steps to Style would be an activity that you and Elsa would enjoy doing together. You seem to have similar styles but very different value contrasts and color contrasts. If there are any questions I can help answer, please do not hesitate to contact me. I can be a phone call away during naptime. 🙂


I wish I could make my casual comfy clothes look this cute and put together! I was mostly in my husband’s old t-shirts with paint stains on them. Maybe one day! 😂


Sounds like a fun & relaxing break! Would you be willing to share Mike’s copycat Chick Fil A sandwich recipe? Sounds delish!