I went through some of the analytics here to figure out what were the “best of” 2021. It’s always fun to look back and see what resonated across the board. Here is what tipped the scales in 2021:


#1: Is the Nap Dress Worth it? ***

#2: Jack’s Birth Story

#3: First Trimester Recap

#4: My Postpartum Experience (The First Two Weeks)

#5: We’re Having a Baby

#6: Dressed Up for the Season

#7: Needlepoint for Beginners

#8: Spring Is That You?

#9: Maternity Leave Plans

#10: Monday Q&A


#1: Announcing our pregnancy

#2: Jack’s birth announcement

#3: Holding Jack 🤍


#1: Halloween Costume Ideas (this was so crazy and got picked up by a few media outlets, including E! news!)


#1: Target Smocked Dress

#2: Nude Slip

#3: Target Sweatshirt

#4: Tiny Name Bracelet

#5: The Nap Dress

#6: J. Crew Demi Boot Crop Jean

#7: Dragon Diffusion Bag

#8: J. Crew Cotton Cashmere Pullover

#9: Muslin Burp Cloths

#10: Clayton Knit Polo

*** (Even before looking at the analytics, I would have deemed it the Year of the Nap Dress™. About once a week a journalist pops into my inbox looking for a quote about the nap dress, which I find amusing and amazing. Clearly it’s resonated across the board.)

Analytics don’t always show the full picture though. Is there a post or series or Instagram or TikTok that stood out to you? Or maybe a product you purchased from my blog or social channels that turned into a favorite of yours? I’d love to know!

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Not a specific product, but I discovered Tuckernuck through you and have bought so many of my FAVORITE pieces! Happy 2022.


I started learning to needlepoint in 2021 because of you! Thank you for introducing me to some creativity and peace 🙂


I definitely was influenced for the nap dress—my sisters got me the white one as a gift when I got engaged and I then bought two after that! It is so flattering and I wear them to death, but that’s how style should be! I love wearing something that I love feeling so “me” in! Thank you for all of the recommendations you gave before pulling the trigger!


Your outfit posts are so helpful! Easy to find something when I see it on Instagram.


Your Week of Outfits series is my TOP favourite to read of all time.

Its real outfits in real life which is a nice balance to more curated looks (which I also love)

Please keep the weekly breakdown coming!


I love that you share what you did that day in the outfit too. It helps make it more real and its not something I see other ‘daily outfit posters’ do!


You shared one of the mugs from Riffle Paper Co. and I’ve been obsessed ever since!


Yesss! The weekly outfits are my fave too. I echo the realness. Your style strikes such an amazing balance and I definitely appreciate the work that goes into linking the things you wear everyday.


The scrubby daddy! I’ve influenced all my friends and family to buy it too. Best sponge ever.


I began using Olay Retinol (it makes my skin look amazing) and shopping at J.Crew. Your Week of Outfit Posts are a favorite and your crafting posts have inspired me to get back into crafting. I am learning to knit.


I never thought I would be influenced to purchase burp cloths much less become passionate about said burp cloths, but here we are! You’ve also influenced me to leave my hair natural as it becomes more and more gray along with being more confident with my classic style. For years I tried “pushing” myself into getting different silhouettes or patterns so I wouldn’t be boring, but I’ve really become comfortable with what I truly love because that’s what you ultimately look best in. Thank you for being authentic and encouraging others to be also!


I am a new-ish reader from Austin and I just adore you. I wish we were neighbors! I could be another Elsa! With a stroller! ♥️ I just had my fifth baby (same timing as you and Jack); and it’s been fun to get to know you through your blog. Feeling all the fleeting baby feels. All the time.

You are approachable and unfiltered in a time when the world needs it SO badly. Thank you for your vulnerability. ♥️

The internet and social media is exhausting to me; but you influence effortlessly – you better believe I bought a nap dress (or 5 🥰). I think I posted some @allybowcutt. I love them!

I loved (so much) the essay you wrote about how one can’t really “post” in real time. I don’t have a following, but I do love to write…and I can’t put words together until something has somewhat resolved (?). I don’t know. I’m an emotional writer (for sure), but when the topic is super heavy I can’t find the perfect words until I have a bit of space.

Anyway! You’re the best. I would love to have this conversation with you (ha!). I read in your bio that you had perfect attendance in school (I did, too!). I think there is something about that fact that is so interesting because now I pull my kids out of school for travel SO much, and I have a love/hate relationship with school in general. I have a PhD…I went to a lot of it. 😂

My little girl has begged me to get an “attendance pencil” over any kind of exotic travel…and I always think of you (now) over this issue. Your habits have obviously had a positive impact on your life goals; and I just think it’s interesting. I’d love your thoughts.

For me, my obsession with achievement is insatiable. Did it stem from perfect attendance? 😂

Happy New Year! ♥️