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Oh this past week was full on summer mode!!! We had a little bit of everything from intense heat to afternoon thunderstorms. June is one of my favorite months and I am trying to relish every single day the best I can!!

LAST WEEK’S WIN: I took a really hard barre class at the gym. It was so tough to get through, but I feltย amazing walking out and then swear I had like a workout high for two days. Every day it gets a little bit harder to exercise so every time I get in a good workout in, I celebrate it fully!

THIS WEEK’S GOAL: Enjoy time with friends and family! My sister, Ashley, and sister in laws are throwing me a baby shower this weekend. I haven’t seen so many of my friends since before the pandemic since they live all over the place and I am just SO EXCITED to see everyone. I could cry thinking about it. And since so many of my friends come from different chapters of my life, a lot of them have never actually met, which is crazy. I’m just thrilled to have everyone under the same roof at the same time!!




I had a low-key, normal Tuesday. This was the day I did the mid-morning barre class at the gym and it was the perfect way to break up the monotony. I try to get on my laptop first thing in the morning to crank through emails from the day before and then worked out and came back to shower before getting back to work. Just going to the gym makes me feel like we have returned to normal in a good way.

Dress (under $25)

going to the chiropractor


I have been going to the chiropractor first thing on Wednesday mornings and I swear it’s the best way to start the day… I’m out of there before 8:30am and can jump on my computer with a clear mind and a straighter back, haha. I also got to start a new shift for volunteering. New time, new system! It is like a hybrid of what it was pre-covid so it felt like a great step forward to better serve the community.



Similar Sneakers

Meadow Green Chintz Funnel Pullover | WEEK OF OUTFITS 6.8.21


It was a pretty crummy day weather wise on Thursday. Not only did I get caught up on everything, but I got ahead of schedule which is such a nice feeling. It doesn’t happen nearly as often as I’d like it to. Elsa and I then got together, hiding out from the rain in a local coffee shop for a mini needlepoint club meeting.

Sweatshirt (c/o)

Leggings (c/o)


quick checkup at my OBGYN's office


Started the morning with a quick checkup at my OBGYN’s office and got to meet one of the new doctors in the practice. (Loved her! We have no idea who will be on call when I go into labor so I love that you get to meet everyone throughout your pregnancy leading up to delivery.) Unfortunately, I spent the rest of the day feeling pretty horrible, but we had an epic afternoon thunderstorm that felt like a little taste of Florida summer!


smocked summer dress | WEEK OF OUTFITS 6.8.21


Mike, the dogs, and I packed up early Saturday morning to go down the shore for a beach weekend with his fam. It was our niece’s second birthday and a blast! It was hands down some of the warmest weather I’ve experienced down the shore. Usually I’m wearing pants and a sun shirt on the beach wrapped in a towel and I actually sat in a bathing suit no problem this whole weekend! Felt amazing and it was just overall a lot of good quality time together.


gingham tiered dress | WEEK OF OUTFITS 6.8.21


Woke up early, slathered on sunscreen, and put on a bathing suit for the rest of the day!

Bathing suit

Similar coverup (mine is a few years old from Vineyard Vines)

Hat (back in stock in nearly every color!)

black midi dress


Half the house left early Monday and the other half stayed behind for the morning. It felt so luxurious getting on the beach for a couple of hours. We sadly had to pack up the car and return back to real life, but it was such a great full (and extended) weekend that it’s hard to complain ๐Ÿ˜‰

Dress (the black is sold out but it’s available in navy!)

Bathing suit


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Carly, can you share more about what type of volunteering you do and how you got onto a consistent schedule with it? I am looking for something similar and I like how you seem to have a routine with it!


I volunteer at a local food bank! They require a dedicated shift that you can go to every week and it’s been such a wonderful experience! Definitely recommend looking into your local food bank for opportunities!

Rachel Norman

You have a sister Ashley? You like never ever talk about her, right? Is she older?


It’s my friend Ashley + my sister (Stacy who is two years younger), and then my sister in laws!