Yellow Rain Coats

We’re supposed to have a few rainy days in a row here in Connecticut. I’m glad I have nothing planned– in part so I can get ahead on work before traveling to Florida for a week and in part because I’m working really hard at getting this new pup fully potty trained.
There’s something classic and timeless about a yellow rain coat. My sister had Molly, the American Girl doll, and her yellow coat… I always loved it! It’s also aggressively colorful where you can’t help feeling a little bit more cheery… even if it is a torrential downpour. Last year it seemed like there weren’t too many yellow rain coat options out there and this year there are a TON, which means you can get exactly what you want. 
I was gifted a Barbour yellow rain coat last year and it’s now available in orange, but they have two yellow options as well: the bowline and the hachamore. This gingham lined coat or this super iconic waxed raincoat would definitely be at the top of my list if I were on the hunt. And then there’s this trench for a tiny twist, or this polka dot version for a casual/sporty look, and this navy gingham-lined coat is a steal for $60.

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Claire Mispagel

I've had my heart set on a Kelly green rain coat and have been looking everywhere… but I think you might have changed my mind 🙂 These are adorable, especially the gingham-lined ones! Thanks Carly!!