ON MY RADAR 10.28.22

We had a fun week over here! Nothing too crazy. (Unless you count the transition to one nap! IYKYK.). One thing I’m trying to do is to walk more. I usually use the weather as an excuse to not walk and it’s a bad habit… but with an active baby and two pups, the weather can’t really be an excuse. And, as they say, there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.

Here’s what’s been on my radar:

ONE // ChappyWrap Holiday Collection

Wanted to kick this off with a reminder that my ChappyWrap holiday collection is launching next week!!!! I cannot wait for you guys to get your blankets…. hearing how excited you are has me even more pumped. To celebrate the launch, we are also hosting a little shopping event next Wednesday in Darien, CT if you’re able to make it.

TWO // The Hollyhock Cabin

This is one of the most beautiful home tours I’ve ever seen! Claire Thomas walks us through her cabin, outfitted in pieces from Serena and Lily. It’s such a dreamy, charming, and whimsical space…. I especially love the loft. Well done!

THREE // Cozy Fall Porch Coffee Shop Ambiance

I love finding fun ambiance videos for background music. This one is so such a cozy one for fall with a crackling fireplace and relaxing jazz. Whenever I feel uninspired, I try to mix up what I’m listening to while I work and this one has been fitting the gloomy, fall weather we’ve been having lately. Makes me feel so relaxed and I can focus so much better.

FOUR // J. Crew’s Cable-Knit Sweater is BACK

This is HUGE fashion news, as far as I’m concerned at least!! J. Crew’s cable-knit sweater is back. It is hands down the number one sweater I have in my closet and it’s worth getting in every color. I can’t recommend it enough. It’s a year round staple for me. I love wearing the crewneck on its own, thrown over my shoulder, or layered with a button up. 10/10 recommend– thrilled to see it back in stock!!

FIVE // Pack of Four Belts for Under $20

Had to be sure to share these belts on here. I was looking for a more affordable option to one of my favorite belts and discovered these! The quality isn’t incredible, but for the price it’s pretty good and the actual style of the belt is adorable when it’s on. I also got this two-for-$15 pack with interlocking buckle!

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Ooh tell us more about the 1 nap transition! I started this week too with my almost 15 month old. I’m here for all the details of how it’s going! 🤓