This was one of the best weeks I have had in a while. We had some glorious, glorious sunshine and hearing the snow melting brought me an immense amount of hope. It felt like our whole neighborhood came alive again. So many people out walking around and getting fresh air. We have some rain heading our way, which usually would put a damper on my mood but I’m hoping it helps wash away some more of this snow. I’m ready to say goodbye to it 😉

ON MY RADAR 2.26.21

ON MY RADAR 2.26.21

ON MY RADAR 2.26.21

Stoney Clover sent me this pouch to celebrate the launch of their book club. I get a ton of press mailers and they’re usually pretty generic– but I loved that they customized this navy pouch with pearl letters. It’s such a small thing, really, but I know someone was like, “Carly loves navy and pearls.” It’s also my first Stoney Clover Lane item! I went into their Palm Beach store on my last visit there and lusted over all the fun personalizations. It’s the classic large pouch with pearl customization… it’s a FANTASTIC size. So good for throwing into a tote, using as a packing cube, or using as a cosmetic bag if you use a lot of big products (like sunscreens, shampoos, lotions, etc.).

ON MY RADAR 2.26.21

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // What It’s Like to Live in a Sears Catalog Home

This was served to me as a recommended video on Youtube and I was intrigued to say the least. Sears used to sell houses that you could order via their catalog. All the pieces for the house would get delivered to you (right down to the last nail!) and you would build your own house. I am kind of obsessed and now I’m on the hunt for “Sears Catalog Homes.” (Found a whole website showing ones around where we live!) I love that Martha Washington design. It’s a fun little rabbit hole to go down if you want a good mental escape.

TWO // Black Francoise Dress

Okay… I know we don’t really have places to go right now. But I think this is a dress worth buying and tucking away to save for later. It’s an ABSOLUTE classic. I can see myself wearing it for so many occasions. Just like that LBD that you can rely on for everything.

THREE // “The Lies Hollywood Tells About Little Girls”

After watching the Free Britney documentary recently, I, like many others, haven’t been able to get it out of my head. There was so much that went wrong all in the name of entertainment at the expense of an actual person. I loved Mara Wilson’s take– she was a successful child actor known for roles in Miracle on 34th Street, Mrs. Doubtfire, and Matilda.

FOUR // Gingham Ceramic Vase

I have been trying to keep fresh flowers in our house. Last year, when I finally felt like I knew enough about transmission to feel safe going grocery shopping, buying flowers was the first thing on my list. Sounds so stupid, really, but just having a little spark of color and life in our house made a difference in our moods. (And we are home all the time so plenty of time to enjoy it!!) I love having different vases and vessels for new arrangements. How cute is this gingham ceramic vase?!

FIVE // Pelotaunt SNL Skit

I have a slight obsession with our Peloton, which is really no secret. I had tears rolling down my face watching this skit about a new product called “Pelotaunt” on SNL. And I have to say, I have not been impressed with SNL in recent years, but they have been nailing it lately. I may have to start rewatching it live instead of waiting for clips to hit social media.

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Ashley Vick

Carly, you have no idea how much I look forward to your posts. I am back at work after having my daughter (she’s 4 months today) and I binge read your posts for the week on Fridays while I’m pumping. Thanks for being sunshine for us!



This is so random, but my high school boyfriend’s family lived in a Sears home! I did a little research on it for a school project once.


My friend grew up in a Sears house! There was another one of the same kind in our neighborhood too, so it was always fun to drive by her “houses twin”.


I grew up in a Sears Kit Home!!!! We didn’t realize it until my mom was doing some work on the kitchen when I was younger, and she found some writing on a floorboard. When she looked it up, she realized it was part of the instructions for the home and we ordered the original catalogue. I didn’t know this was a “thing” on the internet – thank you!

Kayla Finch

I live in a Sears home! Built in 1924! We think it is a variation of “The Walton” – small and charming. The woodwork, glass knobs, original hardwood, etc – obsessed! A bunch in my neighborhood too!