ON MY RADAR 7.15.22

We’ve been having just the best summer days here. I’m so grateful for the long days, the sunshine, and even the heat! I’ve been taking Jack to our pond as frequently as possible– sometimes even twice a day between naps and meals and bedtime– and it has been the perfect way to spend our days!! The more we go, the more comfortable he gets, which makes it even more fun as a mom. He’s been crawling around the sand, trying to make new friends, playing with all the toys!

ONE // Minnow Swim x Tuckernuck

Two of my VERY favorites just launched the cutest collaboration. Tuckernuck, as you know, is one of my favorite places to shop for myself and Minnow Swim, as you also know, has been one of my recent faves for swimsuits for both Jack and myself. I can’t help myself… there is just nothing cuter than tiny swim trunks!! Anyway, the collection is such a good melding of the brands– can’t think of a better pairing. (They gifted Jack and me suits, shown above!)

TWO // Tuna Salad with Green Apple

This is a little bit random, but I love tuna salad sandwiches but I’ve never attempted tuna salad myself. Last week, I was in the mood and was trying to find a recipe… I love green apples in mine! This one was perfect– I didn’t have bread so I ate it with water crackers!. Felt like I should share in case you’re looking for an easy WFH lunch!

THREE // Vana Chupp Silhouette Discount Code

Vana Chupp extended an exclusive “Christmas in July” discount code for you guys! They gifted me a silhouette of Jack earlier this year and it’s absolutely perfect. Cannot recommend it enough. Jack’s little chubby cheeks and sprout of hair are captured oh so perfectly. You can use CARLY15 for 15% off through this Sunday!!!

FOUR // Magic Beans Reviews

I mentioned Magic Beans on my IG this week and heard back from a bunch of people that it was a new-to-them discovery. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned him before, but in case you missed it…. I LOVE ELI! He owns baby stores in Massachusetts called Magic Beans and he does the very best reviews of baby products. The world of baby gear is overwhelming AF. So many options, so many features. He breaks it all down!

FIVE // Tuckernuck Shoes!!!

I have banned myself from buying anymore shoes for a while. So sharing this in case you need some summer shoes…. Tuckernuck just launched their first foray into shoes and, of course, they’re darling. I am excited to see if this is a vertical they continue to invest in. I hope so!!!

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LOVE that suit. I’ve been embracing one-pieces more because it’s too hard to put sunscreen on my back alone. There are so many flattering ones out there now!