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Alaska Video

Remember when I said that I had already posted my last Alaska post? I lied! Whoops! I finally had time to sit down and sort through the hours of GoPro footage we had to put together a fun little video. I think I’ll ultimately make a longer version for the four of us, but I…


Postcards from Alaska

Sharing a few favorite photos from Alaska… I can’t believe it’s already been a full week since we were there. I’m, not surprisingly, still playing some catch up.  WEARING: Olive Field Jacket (c/o) Skinny Jeans Red Puffer Coat Red Hunter Boots Backpack Green Fleece Hiking Pants Yellow Raincoat (c/o, a similar option) Red Gingham Button…


Organize, Please… GMAIL

I am a gmail addict and have a huge system worked out. I have a few email accounts.  An AOL one (I know, so 1990s) that I use for pretty much everything, my Georgetown address, and a few gmail accounts. (Speaking of email addresses, you can reach me at carly [at] thecollegeprepster [dot] com) Before I…

gift ideas

Adulting Gifts

I know this seems like such a boring gift guide… but I know a lot of you are in the same boat that I am. My sister, who turns 27 (how?!?!) next month, and I were just talking about how we’re officially old because our idea of perfect gifts are useful things like vacuum cleaners….


How I Organize Everything

So much of what I do on a daily basis happens online. Because of this, I’ve perfected a bunch of systems to keep me incredibly organized. As a self-employed person, I find it so so so important to be as organized as possible. There is often no one else to pick up the slack or…


What I’m Packing for Ireland

We’re off to Ireland today!!! I’m really excited, but the trip doesn’t quite feel “real” yet. I don’t think it will until we land.  One of my least favorite parts of traveling is packing. I either over pack to make sure I have everything I could possibly need or under pack and wish I had…

gift ideas

Gift Guide: My Favorites This Year

Today I’m rounding up my favorite items from this year that I think would make great gifts! These are all products I’ve purchased or received this year and have absolutely LOVED. If you’re looking for gift ideas for yourself or someone you love… you may want to use this list as your guide. Gingham Flannel…


Springing Up My Wardrobe

I have a few trips coming up: Dallas, Atlanta, and Alaska (!!!). I’m going to Dallas for the rewardStyle conference and I’ve been on the hunt for cute clothes. Everyone is always dressed to the nines; I find it pretty overwhelming and intimidating. I’m really just excited to see some of my live-far-away friends… and…


On My Radar

I started the week off with multiple trips downtown. It’s a bit of a trek from the Upper East Side so unless I have a meeting, I feel like I don’t get down there. But there’s something quite breathtaking about stepping out of a stuffy and humid subway and having this view when you come…