Mike and I have been talking about going into the city for a staycation for a long time. Once we both got fully vaccinated and we were able to put things on the calendar again, we found a weekend to make the staycation happen. It is so nice to be so close– it makes for such an easy trip. And since we’re both extremely familiar with the city and have spent years living/working there, it’s the perfect place to get away for a couple of nights.

Our loose plan was to stay at the Greenwich Hotel in Tribeca and do a few nice dinners. Otherwise, we just wanted to relax and enjoy ourselves.


The Greenwich Hotel Courtyard

We drove in mid-afternoon on Friday and settled into the courtyard of the hotel for a light bite while we waited for the room to get ready. Most of our weekend was spent in this courtyard actually… it was just so nice and since the weather was perfect, it couldn’t have been a better spot. Locanda Verde is connected to the Greenwich Hotel and you can order from their menu to be delivered to the courtyard. The perfect hideout!!

NYC STAYCATION during pandemic The Greenwich Hotel room

I have a bucket list of hotels in NYC I’ve always wanted to stay in.

Living in or so close to the city for so many years means I haven’t always had the opportunity (or a reason) to stay in one. This staycation was a great chance to cross one off the list….. the problem is that it was such a great experience I’m not sure I’d want to stay anywhere else in the future! The Greenwich Hotel couldn’t have been a better choice for the weekend trip. Every single member of the staff was so nice and accommodating and it truly felt like a calm oasis within the bustling city.

Our room had a balcony, a cozy bed, a giant soaking tub, and the best shower I’ve ever experienced. I didn’t want to leave!!!

The Greenwich Hotel room

Jungsik tasting menu - NYC STAYCATION

On Friday night, we had early reservations at Jungsik. We did the tasting menu and loved it. It’s always hard to compare restaurants but I think this was my favorite. Every bite of food was perfection.

Lobby of Greenwich Hotel in Tribeca | NYC STAYCATION

We had a super slow Saturday.

We did a bit of walking around and shopping after a leisurely breakfast at the hotel. I loved being in the city without anywhere to rush off to and nothing to do. We found our way back to the Greenwich Hotel for spa treatments. I have been all about the prenatal massage and this was the best one yet.

Mike and I floated back to the room and decided to just hang out before our next dinner reservation.

NYC STAYCATION 2021 The Greenwich Hotel balcony

Atera tasting menu

On Saturday night, we went to Atera for another tasting menu. This was such a great vibe– from the music to the food to the staff! So fun having the chef’s counter, too. It felt like we were a part of the action. The best part to me was that Atera had a temperance pairing for the tasting menu. I usually wouldn’t do the wine pairing anyway– pregnancy or not– and the temperance menu was SO FUN. A few of the drinks even had their own house label to mimic an alcoholic bottle, like the “cham-pine” and a red beet juice “wine.” A fun touch!

Hudson River NYC staycation

We woke up early on Sunday, grabbed coffees and did a little walk along the Hudson River before meeting up with some friends for brunch back in the Greenwich Hotel’s courtyard. (We really spent a lot time there!)

Locanda Verde brunch in NYC at The Greenwich Hotel courtyard

Other than hanging out with friends on Sunday, we had a low key day.

I wandered a bit through Soho to shop and then found my way to the West Village. We spent a little time relaxing in the hotel before dinner.

Estela restaurant New York

Last meal of the trip was Estela. It was delicious!!! It’s all small plates and I was slightly limited in what we could get (between pregnancy and allergies), but everything we got was delicious and it was such a beautiful restaurant with a happening vibe. I really loved the entire staff!

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