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Last week was a scorcher. (Do you remember that old Sears air conditioning commercial?! My sister and I quote it all the time…) I think every day except for Sunday had a heat index over 100 at some point during the day and we had a bunch of summer storms too. Definitely made me a little homesick for Florida!

LAST WEEK’S WIN: Nicole came down to NJ for the weekend and we had so much fun together. It’s been so long since we had one on one time together and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I just love her so much and it always amazes me how we can pick up right where we left off like zero time has passed.

THIS WEEK’S GOAL: Really just stay calm mentally. In some ways, I have nearly everything in order and feel as prepared as I can be about everything coming down the pipeline… and in other ways, I feel entirely unprepared too. Between now and Christmas, so many things are going to be going on and I’m trying to embrace the “calm before the storm” now, while also mentally preparing for what’s about to happen. I’ve also been working on outsourcing as many things as possible…. it’s definitely helping.




Nothing really exciting at all. I did take a quick break to drive to my orthodontist to pick up another batch of Invisalign trays (still going strong!) and it’s right by The Container Store. I had to make a return and then let myself walk around for a few minutes. Always find looking at the bins and baskets so relaxing, ha!

Dress (under $30!)

athleisure for pregnancy


I finally hired a new cleaning team… We had to stop during the pandemic and I really missed having some help cleaning the house. We kicked off with a deep clean and oh my word it was glorious! So happy and grateful, especially ahead of the baby arriving. I’m glad we have this underway again. And then I had my usual volunteering shift Wednesday evening.



black maxi dress for pregnancy | WEEK OF OUTFITS 7.20.21


A normal Thursday…. but I did break away in the afternoon to go for a quick swim. My ankles and knees are starting to swell a bit so it’s been a game-changer to submerge my body in the water and take some pressure off! (Also the quickest way to cool off!)

Bathing Suit


ruffled smocked dress | WEEK OF OUTFITS 7.20.21


A quiet day of working from home. In the process of wrapping up some loose ends for the last few sponsored campaigns I have before I go on some kind of maternity leave… and trying to get things prepared for fall when I know I’ll be a little preoccupied!

Similar dress

Madewell Rickrack Cattail Tiered Dress in Gingham Check


I picked up Nicole from the train station and we jumped right into the fun. We got brunch, did a little driving tour of the town, and just hung out together! We were going to go to the pond, but a huge storm rolled in and it closed. So we went out to dinner and just had a cozy, relaxing night.

Dress (As seen here)

summer pregnancy outfit idea


We hid out from another rainstorm and got breakfast! Eventually made our way to the pond– it turned out to be a beautiful day! Then we went out to an early dinner.

Denim jacket



Earrings (c/o)

striped long sleeve shirt at home


Started the morning by, sadly, driving Nicole to the train and then went to an appointment at the doctor’s… crazy to think I go in every week now!! I also tried my best to get fully set up for the week ahead. I love Mondays typically and find that they totally set the mood for how the rest of the week will go!

Similar shirt 

Jeans (maternity)



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How’s the sizing for the first black target dress? I’m also pregnant (almost 34 weeks) and wondering if I should size up or not. Dress looks great! Thinking of getting it because my non maternity dresses are getting shorter and shorter as my bump gets bigger


When you say you swim in the pond what does that mean? I live in the Midwest we would never go swimming in a pond. LOL