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The weeks are all starting to blur together and my desire to get dressed every day is dwindling. I actually think it’s more of my ability to get dressed is dwindling. My bump has grown past what I ever expected and so I’m very limited on what I can wear and what I feel comfortable in. This might be the last week I do these posts until I’m ready to start getting dressed again postpartum. Kind of playing things by ear lately!

LAST WEEK’S WIN: I think we got everything ready for baby that needs to get done. The biggest thing was getting the car seat installed! There are still some loose ends, but everything is washed, hospital bags are packed, and (I think) we have all the newborn necessary items ready to go. Everything else I figure can come together when it comes together, but at least we can safely get baby home and survive for a month or so with what we have!

NEXT WEEK’S GOAL: Same as last week… try to stay calm. I think the pre-birth jitters have really started to kick in. Need to just take things one day at a time!


WEEK OF OUTFITS 7.27.21 AQUA Striped Smocked Midi Dress


I went to pick up cookies for the book announcement in the morning and then had a fairly chill day of work.


Earrings (c/o)

lululemon Align™ High-Rise Pant 25 | WEEK OF OUTFITS 7.27.21


Our air conditioner upstairs stopped working right before I left to go volunteer. It got hot up there quickly and, of course, it happened a little too late in the day for anyone to come out. I slept downstairs on the couch because I am running quite warm as it is 😅




WEEK OF OUTFITS 7.27.21 | Striped scalloped dress


Air conditioner got fixed (and it was not expensive or complicated at all– I had braced myself for the absolute worst case scenario) and our housekeepers came. Couldn’t have asked for a better outcome of the day honestly. Even if nothing else got done, that felt like a huge win. (It takes very little to spark joy for me nowadays– the little things go a long way!)

Similar dress

WEEK OF OUTFITS 7.27.21 | Ellie Nap dress in black


This was such a fun day for me. I drove into the city to see Brooke– one of my friends from Instagram! We hadn’t been able to meet because she has been living in Canada and the pandemic was obviously a big issue for crossing the borders. It was SO GREAT to finally meet her after texting for a year!!


Tote (c/o)

Similar flats

Tie-Strap Tiered Trapeze Midi Dress


And on Saturday morning I got to meet Samantha, another Instagram friend, who was in NJ for a bridal shower…. Apparently I’m an extrovert now. We got coffee and chatted for a while– I wish we lived closer!! Then Mike and I had friends come up from Philly with their kids and we barbecued in the backyard and ended the day at the pond!




Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve Shirt 2.0


I slept in and stayed in bed needlepointing (I’m almost done with baby’s stocking!) for a few glorious hours. I spent the afternoon grocery shopping and cooking and just getting prepped for the week ahead.



smocked navy dress


Kicked off the week with an appointment at the doctor’s office. I was kind of anxious beforehand as I’m now going in once a week and she checked to see where I was labor-wise. Things are moving in the right direction, but still not quite ready! (I was telling my friend, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to hear: that he was coming soon or that I still had plenty of time! I’m uncomfortable pregnancy wise but also want him to keep cooking!)

Similar dress



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This series is my favorite that you do every week! Love the inspo and thanks for sharing!

Erin Rice

One thing I did for myself with second baby that was great, was make a few casseroles( freezer friendly ones) that I could pull out when we got home from the hospital and not have to worry about what is for dinner. You might want to consider doing something like this, I know Mike is a great cook, but nice to have some back up.

Marie M. C.

When is your due date? My favorite outfit is the black smocked dress with the Chanel flats!


Just here to say– I know how much you love your PJs. Not opposed to a Week of Outfits in all of your striped jammies! 🙂