ON MY RADAR 8.26.22

This was a doozy of a week. It was one of those “if it’s not this, it’s something else” kinds of weeks where it feels like things are rocking in rolling in one department and falling apart in another! Trying to just roll with the punches and not get knocked down too hard 😉.

Outfit linked here!

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Pumpkin Basket

Don’t hate me for talking about Halloween, but I stumbled on this pumpkin basket while buying Jack’s convertible carseat. Why am I so excited for Halloween?! Jack was such a nugget last year and I can’t wait to see him walking around this year with his cousins…. Maybe they all need matching baskets.

TWO // Zane Lowe & Harry Styles Interview

Clearly I’m still on a Harry Styles high after seeing him live last weekend. I can’t seem to get enough, so I’ve been watching more of his performances on Youtube and found this interview with Zane Lowe. It was so good and gave me a much better appreciation for Harry’s House. Highly recommend!

THREE // Halloween Toile Pajamas

Ugh, see. Halloween is on my brain. (Or more like cookies on my browser… so many Instagram ads for Halloween stuff and it’s sucking me in!) How cute is this Halloween toile? It’s festive but not bright orange or super spooky. It’s blue and white! There’s also a baby version, too, but sadly sold out in most sizes.

FOUR // Movie Pass is RELAUNCHING?

Remember my obsession with MoviePass? I watched so many movies back then– I do kind of miss those days of just being able to go whenever. For $10/month, you could go to as many movies as you wanted. It was honestly insane and over time, it got more and more restricted until it finally collapsed. (Crazy startup with like monopoly money!) I got an email saying it’s coming back… and I’m so curious to know what it will look like. I definitely signed up for the waitlist just to see.

FIVE // Polarized Sunglasses

I have a pair of sunglasses that I absolutely love and wear every day. But I have been searching for cheaper pairs I don’t have to be as delicate with. Especially with a baby who loves to grab glasses and sunglasses! It’s just nice to have pairs that I don’t mind getting thrown across the room or scratched up by sand. I bought these from Amazon and was blown away by how cute they are!!! You need them. And they come in a pack of two! Tortoiseshell and black! Love it.

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I love the halloween basket! My son is 8 now, but I remember when he was tiny and how fun it was to be able to purchase all of the cute outfits. We are now in the “mom I’ll only wear under armor or champion” phase of life, but I embrace it none the less! 😉


A little disappointed that the Halloween toile pajamas are only for kids LOL I was ready to buy them for myself!


I live for cheap Amazon sunglasses! There’s no way I’ll spend tons of money just for them to get lost or scratched or used for kids dress up.