Finding the Confidence to Go Makeup Free

This post is sponsored by Olay! I am a huge fan of Olay’s Retinol24. It has been such a game-changer for my skin. I love that I now feel totally confident to go without makeup. It’s freeing! I haven’t always felt this way about my skin, especially as an adult. Having the confidence to not…

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Mike and I are not doing a gift exchange this year. Because of our wedding, we feel like we are fully gifted out for a while. It’s actually a bit of a relief because we really were graciously showered with gifts from friends and family. We also exchanged nice gifts before our wedding and I…

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Week of Outfits 11.17.20 Happy Tuesday! Here’s the last week of outfits I wore! TUESDAY Nothing too exciting! Just working from home and shooting more campaigns. Headband Sweater (Extra 30% off with “WARMUP”) Jeans Sneakers WEDNESDAY This t-shirt has been one of the best basics I’ve bought all year. I absolutely love the scoop neck…

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Monogrammed Margaux

My go-to pair of comfy ballet flats just got better. I have been a major fan of Margaux for years and years. It was love at first step, one might say. I have quite the collection– particularly of the Demi flats. They are comfortable from day one and wear beautifully. Margaux absolutely nailed the classic,…

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How to Style a Plaid Blazer Three Ways

Daylights savings right now has really messed with me. I don’t remember being this affected by the lack of light in the evenings as much as I am this year. I’m sure I’m not the only one. But I think between the lack of evening light, the frequent grey/rainy days, and being home a lot…

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Bow lovers, this one is for Y O U! Since bows are trendy AF right now, they are everywhere. It’s been terrible for my wallet; but I don’t hate it. All the Bows My love of bows runs deep. One of my very earliest memories was from when I was a toddler and my mom…

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On My Radar

This week. Thiiiiiiis week. I think I’m running on emotional fumes at the moment. It was PEAK peaks (like seriously got some of my best news of 2020) and LOW lows. I feel so drained. I think everything mixed with the darkness settling in by 4:30pm has me struggling. I’m trying to come up with…

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Personal Wish List

I’m normally ON my gifting game by now. Gift giving is my love language and I usually have a laundry list of ideas for everyone in the summer and then it’s just a matter of execution. This year, I just can’t wrap my head around the fact that it’s ACTUALLY November and I’m having a hard…

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Sarah Flint Perfect Dress Booties

Today’s post is in partnership with Sarah Flint. Every time I slip my foot into a Sarah Flint shoe, I am just blown away by the quality and the comfort. I think one of my life motto’s is, “life is too short for uncomfortable shoes.” Comfort starts from the ground up and if my feet aren’t…