The Race to Nowhere

A few weeks ago, I watched The Race to Nowhere. Oh man… it’s good. The documentary looks at education right now and more specifically the pressure parents and students are under. I think this is something every parent needs to watch and every student (eighth grade and up) should watch as well. It should be…


NYC Delis

Some of the most distinct memories of traveling to NYC with my family as a child are our trips to the delis around the city. We’d always go to Carnegie Deli after seeing a Broadway show and there were multiple trips to Katz’s for what she’s having sandwiches the size of our heads.  I love a…


Behind the Mask

I’m such a fan of documentaries. I feel like I’ve seen almost everyone of them out there. Here are my favorites. Garrett got me hooked on a Hulu documentary series called Behind the Mask. I watched some of the first season, and while entertaining, it didn’t really grab my attention. The second season? WOW. I…


Sriracha Movie

Even if you don’t know what Sriracha is, you have probably seen the bottle before. Garrett watched this documentary about Sriracha and immediately needed a bottle to give it a go. “It goes with everything,” he told me. I watched it with him too and thought it was one of the best stories as far…


Burt’s Buzz

Bah! Okay, you guys know I love documentaries, right? (Here’s the list of my favorites!) Well, this Burt’s Buzz documentary has been on my radar for quite some time. I used to watch the trailer every now and then and almost bit the bullet to rent the documentary for $7 on iTunes a handful of times….


On My Radar

The best part about three day weekends that end with a Monday? You get a four day week! I’ve been trying to squish in everything during four days… and majorly wishing Memorial Day weekend could have lasted forever. So… more photos 😉 Wearing: Lilly Pulitzer Sweater (the cutest anchor on it!) // Old Lilly Shorts…


Three Documentaries

I think I may love documentaries more than doughnuts. Which, you know, is a lot. But the problem is that I feel like I’ve watched all of the decent ones on Netlix!! Really, I scour pages and pages of documentaries, watching trailers, reading reviews… and I’m frustrated when I can’t find one that I like…


A Little Bit of Culture… In the Middle of the Night

Graffiti is something that actually has a little bit overlap in my life. The word “graffiti” has such a bad connotation I think. It’s labeled as vandalism and punishable by law. (By this same logic, I still think we should ban chewing gum… sidewalks are so gross with old gum plastered everywhere!) Anyway… Graffiti is…


Baby, You’re a Firework

Okay, so it totally seems like College Prep is turning into a blog about documentaries. I swear, I think I have a serious problem. I’ve been zipping through them on Netflix at an alarming rate. Last weekend, I wasn’t feeling 100%. I think I’ve been super dehydrated from the heat and I was just resting/recovering…